Protect your sensitive SAP data

Solve your SAP data security challenges and comply with data privacy legislation such as the EU's
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), South Africa's POPI Act and the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA) with Data Secure™.


Mass Processing

Fast: optimised for mass processing

Select and go

Ready: no development required, just select and go

Automated functionality

Smart: all functional dependencies automatically taken care of


Flexible: customise any scrambling rule to suit your needs

Audit Proof

Audit-proof: provides demonstrable evidence to auditors that data protection is under control



Data Secure
part of the Data Sync Manager Suite

Data security is critical in today's business environment. Data Secure, part of EPI-USE Labs' Data Sync Manager (DSM) suite, solves your data security challenges. It's a comprehensive protection solution which answers these questions and more:

  • "I have just refreshed my test system. Is there a way I can still scramble the data?"
  • "Is my sensitive data protected well enough to satisfy the auditors?"
  • "Can anyone get access to sensitive data they can't see in production?"
  • "Could we write a custom program to anonymize some records in our training system?"

Data Secure gives you complete control over all sensitive data

Data Secure is a comprehensive protection solution that comes with pre-defined masking rules. With these rules you can scramble any non-key field in any client-dependent SAP table in a number of different ways (such as mapping table look-up, constant value, clear a field). You can also extend these rules to cover your own particular security needs.

Data Secure enables your company to meet all well-known data privacy and protection standards such as  the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Sarbanes Oxley and the BDSG (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz). Ask our consultants to advise you on how to implement a data security policy across your non-production SAP landscape.

It's easy to mask an entire client, as the product handles large volumes of data – it was developed for Basis teams to use for mass scrambling. You can use it separately or with our Client Sync product, to scramble data as you create the new client.


Data Secure gives you complete control over all sensitive data

Benefits of Data Secure

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Data Disclose™

Instant reporting tool for highlighting sensitive data across your SAP® portfolio – addresses the Right of Access (GDPR article 15)



Data Redact™

Intelligently removes or replaces sensitive data in your SAP systems and beyond – reactively addresses the Right to be Forgotten (GDPR article 17)


20220709 DE Making GDPR Compliance easier_hubdb

Data Retain™

Rule framework for periodic redaction of sensitive data – proactively addresses the Right to be Forgotten (GDPR article 17)


Solutions for your data security challenges

Examples of the many questions we’ve solved for existing customers:

I have heard that DSM now uses Data Secure for masking data in flight as well?
Can I connect non-SAP systems to Data Secure?
Can Data Secure scramble data in a QA client that was not even created by DSM?
Is it possible to define custom rules in Data Secure?


For answers to your specific SAP test data challenges, contact us today.

DSM for IS-U

Content pending

DSM For Oil & Gas

Content pending

DSM for Public Sector

EPI-USE Labs works with a great number of public sector organizations, and has specific capability to handle test data management needs for organizations in this sector. Object Sync seamlessly manages multiple employment contracts, and Grants Management and Funds Management have dedicated objects for copying test data on demand for those complex testing situations.

DSM for Bank Analyser

Organizations leveraging the Bank Analyzer solution from SAP can now carry out lean system refreshes with Client Sync on the Bank Analyzer system whenever the backend system is being refreshed. The post-processing in Client Sync automates around two days of manual effort normally required after a system copy for Bank Analyzer test systems.

DSM for Insurance

DSM contains specific objects and functionality for the Insurance industry, including the ability to copy FSCD data on-demand for a specific Business Partner or Contract Account. ICM and Claims Management data is also covered.

DSM for Retail

For over ten years, DSM has catered for the demanding needs of the Retail sector for test data on demand and lean testing client provisioning. Complex document flows are supported out of the box, with the ability to extend for non-standard configuration. Challenging data to recreate for testing can easily be replicated, including site data, article hierarchies, listings and assortment modules.