Achieve maximum return on your Query Manager investment

Get the most out of your SAP-certified Query Manager solution with the Query Manager Add-ons

SuccessFactors Integration   Microsoft Excel  Analytics Connector  Document Builder

With the Query Manager Add-ons, you can maximize your investment in the SAP-certified Query Manager solution, both on-premise and in SAP® SuccessFactors®.

  • Easily report across both on-premise SAP and SuccessFactors with the Query Manager SuccessFactors Integration Add-on
  • Work with your data in Microsoft Excel with the Query Manager Microsoft Excel Add-on
  • Feed any available data (on-premise SAP, including Payroll, Time and Configuration, and SuccessFactors and Employee Central Payroll data) into any system you are using for Query Manager reporting, with the Query Manager Analytics Connector Add-on
  • Create charts and graphs for interaction, drilldown, and analysis with the Query Manager Fiori Add-on
  • Develop bespoke documents and reports with Query Manager with Document Builder.

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Query Manager SuccessFactors Integration Add-On
Report on data from SAP and SuccessFactors at the same time

You can access your SuccessFactors data via Query Manager. SuccessFactors data is available as a data source in Query Manager, so it can be combined with data in SAP, or any system that you are using for Query Manager reporting. What makes this particular integration unique is that not only is it using live data, but we have also curated the data. We have taken the raw unstructured generic SuccessFactors data that is exposed via OData, and transformed it into user-friendly categories and descriptive text fields.

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Query Manager Microsoft Excel Add-On
Quickly produce and analyze SAP HCM reports with the power of Query Manager and the flexibility of Microsoft Excel

With Query Manager’s Microsoft Excel Add-on, you can simply click a button to refresh your spreadsheet with live data from SAP. What is unique about this web app is that once you have built an Excel worksheet with all the formatting and formulas that you need, you can just click a button to refresh your spreadsheet instantly with dynamic data from SAP.

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Query Manager Analytics Connector Add-On
Integrate with your Analytics solution

Query Manager can also serve as an engine for feeding any data available (on-premise SAP data, including Payroll, Time and Configuration, and SuccessFactors and Employee Central Payroll data) to additional services for dynamic use. This is ideal for any applications that currently do not have real-time access to this data, including solutions such as SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, Microsoft Power BI, and Tableau.

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Integration with PowerBI
Integration with Tableau
Integration with OData
Integration of Query Manager with SAP Analytics Cloud
Reporting from SAP and SuccessFactors with Query Manager

Query Manager Fiori Add-on
Interact with your reports and documents via a web browser

The Query Manager Fiori Add-on allows you to access your reports from anywhere – you don’t have to be logged into a computer with SAP GUI installed. You can run and process reports from web browsers, mobile devices, self-service portals, HR Renewal portals, and even from within SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central. The Fiori Add-on allows you to create charts for additional interaction, drilldown, and analysis.

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Query Manager with Document Builder
Solve your SAP document generation and distribution challenges

Build professional-looking documents easily with Document Builder’s rich visual designer and intuitive user interface. Visualize your data with a wide set of controls, define your document structure precisely, and create impressive designs using design-time aids. Add eye-catching elements with background images, watermarks, dynamic tables and charts, then preview your design instantly as an Adobe PDF document.

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