Boost your business performance with SAP BTP

Get the most from your SAP implementation by adopting a clean core and leveraging SAP BTP (Business Technology Platform)
to enrich, enhance and extend your applications, landscapes and processes.

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Running your business as an SAP Intelligent Enterprise enables you to adopt the latest technologies to deliver faster, smarter and more efficiently to your own clients. SAP is promoting a model where they are releasing new innovations through S/4HANA Cloud editions. Architecting your system to move your extensions and business-specific enhancements to platforms like SAP’s BTP (Business Technology Platform) will help you to become more agile, and future- proof your business. As an SAP partner, we have a variety of solutions and a large team of experts who can support you in your SAP journey, and help you to benefit from new innovations.

Deliver value through client-centered innovation

Increase the speed of your processes, enhance system performance, reduce downtime and create a more efficient digital landscape. Our approach is focused on delivering the best solution for your business by using the full design process, and leveraging SAP’s latest technology, while also adding our own SAP and SAP SuccessFactors expertise. As an SAP AppHaus Network partner, we are equipped to deliver the best solutions.

From solving SAP S/4HANA and SAP SuccessFactors challenges, to the custom development of any tailored integrations or solutions, we innovate, develop and deploy solutions that will enhance your business work processes and redefine your system landscape.

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What are the benefits of including SAP BTP in your SAP architecture?

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Enhance agility

By minimizing modifications to the core system, you can upgrade your ERP system more easily, benefiting from the latest innovations offered by SAP.

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Reduce complexity

Keeping the core system clean helps to reduce the complexity of managing customizations, allowing you to leverage pre-built integration scenarios, extensions, and applications available on SAP BTP.

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Enable innovation

By using SAP BTP, you can tap into an ecosystem of ready-to-use applications, industry-specific solutions, and partner offerings.

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Future-proof your architecture

SAP BTP provides a scalable cloud platform with a range of services, such as SAP Cloud Platform Integration, API Management, and Workflow, which can be integrated with the core system.

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Embed security and integrate seamlessly

The platform has built-in security that ties in with your core SAP system, so you don’t have to create additional users. The platform integrates seamlessly, saving you time, and making it more agile to extend your systems.

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Get a consistent User Interface

SAP BTP delivers standardization through providing Fiori-like interface to all customizations done on the platform.

Get agile with SAP SuccessFactors extensions on BTP

SAP SuccessFactors brings a modern approach to traditional HR systems. It focuses on Human Experience Management (HXM), to provide the best solution for your employees. But you might find that your SuccessFactors system is situated in a larger ecosystem, and you need to integrate systems, or you want to extend the functionality for your business requirements.

By developing or hosting your SAP SuccessFactors extensions on BTP, you get the advantage of an integrated and secure environment. With BTP Build Apps, you can build low-code/no-code extensions more quickly, and be more agile in your business. You will also be able to leverage reporting in SAC easily with your custom data if it resides in SAP SuccessFactors. Enhance your employees’ experience of SuccessFactors with the power of BTP and user-centered design.


Use BTP for technological advancements

SAP BTP offers a range of solutions that cover data and analytics, application development and automation, integration, enterprise planning, and artificial intelligence technologies. Unlock the potential of your data, craft personalized experiences throughout your business workflows, and expedite your digital transformation journey with SAP BTP. The platform facilitates the adoption of new technologies and tools by providing ready-to-use solutions that integrate seamlessly into any ERP system, making them easily accessible for implementation.

  • AI and Machine Learning (ML):  Enhancing intelligence and automation
  • Blockchain:  Automating trust and transparency
  • IoT:  Connecting devices and data
  • Analytics:  Generating insights and actions
  • Modernization:  Adapt your business and processes

Why choose EPI-USE Labs for BTP development?BTP_graphics_2-01


What customers often need is a way to implement their own processes and their own differentiators. Those things are hard in the standardized world of cloud, and that’s what BTP provides; the ability to customize a standard application, but still have the same look and feel, security and user experience.

Peter Blignaut
Customer Advisory Manager: Business Technology Platform, SAP

How does BTP work in practice?

TuskTrack is a BTP application that addresses the challenges faced by delivery drivers by providing a seamless proof-of-delivery system. The app allows drivers to submit deviations from expected deliveries, attaching descriptions and photographic evidence. Recipients play a crucial role by providing their signature and automated delivery location info, and a rating of the delivery. By proof of delivery being captured immediately, companies can trigger invoicing automatically, allowing for better cash flow.


Human-centered design approach with AppHaus

With the EPI-USE AppHaus Pretoria, take your ideas further and leverage design tools to explore a solution that is focused on your end-user’s requirements. Developing this way ensures better adoption of new technologies and a more successful outcome.