object extractor Object Extractor™

    Accurate data extraction for SAP systems

    Decommissioning SAP® systems is not something most people want to take on. Many companies will retain their old outdated legacy SAP systems for fear they would need the data for auditing or referencing in the future. This becomes very expensive. Maintenance contracts on legacy systems together with the risk of unsupported hardware failures add up to escalating costs.

    The SAP environment is also changing and there are large incentives to move to S/4HANA® technology or to look at SAP SuccessFactors™ to leverage the cloud. Moving to different ERP systems, other than SAP, is another possibility.

    What if you could create a copy of the data needed for referencing without paying the large overheads and running costs? This is why EPI-USE Labs has developed Object Extractor™.

    An XML output format for OpenText InfoArchive comes as standard, but other formats can be supported. The data extraction can also be provided as a service engagement without the need for an ongoing license. So if you have any SAP data extraction requirements please get in touch to discuss how EPI-USE Labs can help.

    Why OpenText?

    OpenText InfoArchive is an enterprise compliant archive platform that enables organisations to reduce IT complexity and costs, optimise infrastructure and ensure compliance for valuable and regulated information. Structured and unstructured information from multiple applications can be managed in a single repository removing information silos and streamlining access control and compliance management. OpenText InfoArchive provides mechanisms to not only safeguard the integrity of the content, but also to ensure continual access for e-discovery and analytics.

    Why EPI-USE Labs?

    EPI-USE Labs has data management specialists with long experience and detailed knowledge of SAP data architecture. Data Sync Manager is SAP certified add-on software for copying subsets of SAP production data to non-productive environments. Object Extractor for InfoArchive sets us apart because it allows data choices to be highly selective and accurate.

    What can we do for you?

    Our team of experts will assist you with

    • defining the required output format
    • the identification and extraction of data to move to a display-only platform
    • extracting from your productive environment before moving to SAP HANA or any other ERP system
    • retiring an out-of-date system

    The result? You will be able to access the data you need when you need it. Once the system is in place, you can use InfoArchive to search, view and analyse archived data using a normal web browser.

    You get:

    • A tried and tested solution for extracting accurate business data
    • A team of experts to guide and configure the initial extraction process
    • An award-winning archiving solution
    • Reduced costs with no platform version dependencies to maintain
    Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your data extraction needs.