System Landscape Optimization (SLO)

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SAP Data Mergers And Acquisitions
Divestiture Split Of Data
HCM Split
Reorganizations And Restructuring
Data Consolidation
Technological Modernization

Data Sync Manager (DSM): your solution to seamless SLO


Since its inception, EPI-USE Labs has focused on SAP data and in building software products to automate various aspects of the SAP Application Lifecycle, including SLO. Our products and services are used by hundreds of clients around the world, and are SAP certified. Our Data Sync Manager™ (DSM) suite is certified as integrated with SAP S/4HANA. 

What is System Landscape Optimization (SLO)?

Many business decisions have far-reaching effects on the IT landscape, and require skills and tools outside normal company expertise to re-align SAP systems with business direction and goals.

System Landscape Optimization (SLO) has become the industry-standard term for addressing a wide range of strategic triggers that impact business systems, including mergers and acquisitions, divestitures and splits, system and business consolidations, re-organizations and restructuring, and technology modernization.

To provide solutions to these triggers, five key factors must come together seamlessly:

  • A deep understanding of the SAP data models
  • An in-depth technical understanding of SAP architecture and databases
  • Domain knowledge of SLO
  • Optimized, model-driven software which embeds the points above
  • Highly-experienced SAP consultants 


LafargeHolcim merger: interview with Kathy McLeod



What EPI-USE Labs offers for SLO projects

Mergers and acquisitions

The complexity of business systems means that the integration of systems due to a merger or acquisition can be a significant challenge. To address this, it is imperative to leverage analysis tools that can compare systems across different layers. Based on this information, strategic decisions can be made about what the best approach is, as integration can take many forms. In this context, EPI-USE Labs provides the following services:

EPI-USE Labs offer tools for system analysis and comparisonEPI-USE Labs offer Data strategy advisory consultingEPI-USE Labs offer Data migrationEPI-USE Labs offer Repository comparison and harmonization


Divestitures and splits

Divestitures and splits involve the proper isolation and extraction of the data related to the business being divested or a functional area being split off from the core system in question. These carve-outs must be done in such a way to ensure that the resulting target systems retain data integrity and are operational. EPI-USE Labs provides:

EPI-USE Labs offer Data-driven divestiture blueprintsEPI-USE Labs offer Company code carve-outsEPI-USE Labs offer Sub-company code carve-outsEPI-USE Labs offer HCM splits from ECC systems


System and business consolidation

Organic growth and managerial decisions can also lead to complex distributed systems, particularly when businesses are geographically disparate. This typically leads to inconsistent business processes, which not only limit business scalability, but also significantly increase operational costs and capitalization expenses. At some tipping point, management reaches a decision to harmonize and consolidate these systems to more concisely and consistently manage and grow its business lines. To assist with this decision, EPI-USE Labs offers:

EPI-USE Labs offer Tools for system analysis and comparisonEPI-USE Labs offer Data strategy advisory consultingEPI-USE Labs offer Data migrationEPI-USE Labs offer Repository comparison and harmonization


Technology Modernization

For many companies today, IT is perceived as a barrier by the business. Technology exists to support the business, and not the other way around. But we should clear-eyed about this statement. The strategic deployment of technology can, and has, taken down giants and fundamentally altered markets around the world; Amazon, Uber, Google are but a few examples. Modernizing your technology platform has the potential to not only save by leveraging open-source stacks, cloud offerings and in-memory databases, but to also re-imagine your business under a far more flexible and powerful set of technologies. EPI-USE Labs offers its customers:

EPI-USE Labs offer Migration to HANAEPI-USE Labs offer Migration to lower-cost OS and databasesEPI-USE Labs offer Database size reduction

EPI-USE Labs offer Migration to EPI-USE Labs Cloud, AWS and AZUREEPI-USE Labs offer Landscape data optimization


Reorganizations have become ubiquitous events in companies because of managerial changes, business strategy and portfolio changes. Human Resources changes are typically managed in-house; however, more complex changes can require outside help. EPI-USE Labs is known in the industry as an HCM specialist, and our tools have been built to handle SAP’s unique HCM data model.

EPI-Use Labs offer HCM employee transformationsEPI-USE Labs offer PD Org transformations


Restructuring, unlike reorganizations, is a result of an enterprise deciding to change its legal, financial, manufacturing and/or supply-chain structures. These are referred to in SAP as the ‘Enterprise Model’. Most of SAP’s data references and contains elements of the Enterprise Model.  Thus, changes to the enterprise model also require changes to all data that refer to the specific changes. SAP’s tripartite architecture (Enterprise-Data-Function) is reflected in EPI-USE Labs model-driven software. So, we can provide:

EPI-USE Labs offer Company code consolidations and/or splitsEPI-USE Labs offer Plant consolidation and/or splits

HCM Split

Many companies have deployed HR functionality within their SAP ERP (ECC) system. HR systems require higher frequency of change due to legal, financial and business reasons relative to other ERP components.

Because HR and ERP are deployed together, HR changes directly impact other business areas which increases costs across the company.

By decoupling HR from ECC, companies can achieve a number of company-wide benefits:

  • Increase business agility
  • Automate testing
  • Prepare for the future (Move to cloud, outsource)

As the premier SAP HR consulting and technology company, EPI-USE Labs has extensive experience in decoupling HR from ECC. From configuring ECC to HR integration to running and managing HR systems on cloud infrastructures, we are ready to help.

Cloud or on-premise: you choose

Executing an SLO project involves building systems for project execution. Typically, these involve at least a reference system and a transformation/validation system prior to cut-over. Some customers have available resources (both human and technical) to provide these systems within their environment, while others do not. EPI-USE Labs can accommodate cloud solutions or on-premise environments.

Cloud or on-premise: you choose

Who we have helped

The EPI-USE Labs team rose to the challenge and leveraged offshore resources to ensure development continued around the clock.

See how we helped: the Lafarge Holcim merger

Kathy McLeod, Holcim’s Head of Applications and Design, Lafarge Holcim

EPI-USE Labs demonstrated a deep knowledge of SAP and its complexities, as well as flexibility when dates shifted.

Find out why Babcock & Wilcox chose EPI-USE Labs to transform their landscape

ERP/SAP Manager, Babcock and Wilcox

DSM, and the highly competent EPI-USE DSM consultants, facilitated the successful migration of the SAP data of multiple countries from legacy systems onto one central system. We would gladly recommend EPI-USE DSM and EPI-USE consultants to anyone.

Silvio Lanaro, BP Vice-President of HR IT&S


Why choose EPI-USE Labs for SLO projects?

EPI-USE Labs Speed

We execute projects two to three times faster than most of our competitors by using software-driven analysis and execution. A small team specializing in leveraging and optimizing the toolset (building rules) is deployed for each project.

EPI-USE Labs Value

Our tools, services and methodology have been created and bundled by EPI-USE Labs (single vendor). Our focus on automation combined with deep SAP knowledge provides the best value in the market. We do not license software or need large teams for execution.


EPI-USE Labs Agility

Our SLO consultants have developed methodologies appropriate for different SLO use cases. The decoupled, model-driven nature of our tools do not impose rigid project structures and timelines, allowing project teams to be agile and adapt to changing customer requirements.


EPI-USE Labs Quality

Our methodologies combined with our software-driven approach create high-quality, reproducible results. Our tools are SAP Certified and are used daily by hundreds of customers world-wide.