Soterion and EPI-USE Labs Have Partnered to Help SAP Clients Reduce Risk and Improve Compliance.

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EPI-USE Labs has partnered with Soterion

Soterion's compliance software solves GRC (Governance, Risk management and Compliance) for SAP clients. EPI-USE Labs and Soterion's partnership brings together powerful complementary solutions, including our Data Privacy Suite, to help our clients address compliance with GDPR (the General Data Protection Regulation) and other privacy legislation.

Our research has shown that there are companies using SAP with no GRC protection. Traditional GRC solutions take time to implement and maintain, and can be expensive. Clients are looking for solutions that are easy to deploy and use, with tangible business benefits realised quickly.

Soterion is a leading-edge solution, giving SAP users agility in GRC. Regardless of the SAP enterprise size, this solution is deployed rapidly into a client’s landscape, with users experiencing benefits in a short period of time. Soterion provides business-centric GRC, empowering companies to proactively manage and model risks within specific business departments.

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We’re living through an era hallmarked by a rapid increase in the rate of change in the marketplace. Your business demands agility and nothing less, so what does GRC for an agile world look like?


Soterion’s Access Risk Manager provides the ability to identify SAP® access risk exposure

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Access Risk Manager

Soterion’s Access Risk Manager provides the ability to identify SAP® access risk exposure via a user-friendly web application. The solution also includes a privacy risk dashboard to provide insight into which employees have access to sensitive data to support your GDPR initiatives, especially when used in conjunction with our Data Privacy Suite.
The “What-if” Allocation Simulator proactively identifies risks before applying the changes in your SAP system.


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Periodic Review Manager

This offers a solution which periodically analyzes your SAP user access risk and provides insight into the necessary controls to align with your business targets. Besides this process being an audit and statutory requirement in many business environments, it also significantly enhances insight into your GRC environment.


 Periodic Review Manager
SAP License Manager

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SAP License Manager

Soterion’s SAP Licensing Manager provides you with the insight you need to tailor your SAP license agreement to your organization’s specific requirements, ensuring optimal contract management and complete compliance while reducing unplanned and excess costs.

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Elevated Rights Manager

From time to time, clients need temporary or emergency access for a limited period – often called firefighter access.
This module allows you to do this effortlessly, while adhering to audit requirements.

Elevated Rights Manager

"We had the solutions within a week, and we benefited from the first day. We could start working with the system immediately - it was a real plug and play! It was even better than we expected.
Cecilie Relling, Senior Specialist, Finance Process Improvements & Systems, Aker Solutions

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