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Ready to-use pre-delivery reports

More than 250 ready-to-use pre-delivered reports

Data sources delivered

Over 13,000 data sources delivered

Reduced report creation time

80% reduction in report creation time overall


Qery Manager is a powerful, flexible, easy to use solution

How do you extract accurate, meaningful and real-time information from all of your SAP® HCM and Payroll data? Query Manager™ is a powerful, flexible, easy-to-use solution that solves your reporting challenges. The brilliance of Query Manager is that it empowers you to:

  • access all your data from a single solution in SAP
  • create your own professional reports and documents without reliance on technical resources
  • streamline your business HCM reporting.

Query Manager with Document Builder™ is certified by SAP for ‘Integration with SAP S/4HANA®’.



American Airlines

Our QM reports routinely pull data from the de-clustered results and the Payroll Department relies on the information we provide from this table. This has been very helpful, and we have been able to spot discrepancies before we kick off live payroll.

Shahin Ahmadpour, Senior Business Analyst


Query Manager reports are ever-expanding and our preferred means of creating HCM reports.

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Anton Mayr, Head of Payroll


With Query Manager, we can securely access and distribute all SAP HCM reports quickly across the business

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Purdue University

I am blown away. (Query Manager) takes any and every variable in SAP, and can mash it up to a depth that is needed on my job. What I need it for is to dig into the depths of SAP for anomalies that I know lurk in bad data.

Jane Coleman, EA, CPP Nonresident Tax Administrator

Wales & West

The Vehicle Validation Report was up and running in our production environment in under 2 days! Impressive! Our ROI was immediate!

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Catherine Curtis, Payroll Manager

Used by thousands of people around the world, Query Manager was developed as a solution for business and HR leaders to facilitate professional HCM reporting. Join these top companies who use Query Manager to make HCM reporting a strategic priority.

Zurich Airport customerWarburtons customerWales&West Utilities customer 


Designed for you by industry experts

Danielle Larocca serves as the Senior Vice President of HCM Solutions, and has been working in the SAP HCM space for over 20 years. Danielle has the distinction of being appointed to the distinguished SAP Mentor program and has been a featured speaker at international conferences on topics such as SAP, SuccessFactors and Human Capital Management. She has authored four best-selling books on SAP, serves as the Technical Editor for the SAP Professional Journal, and is often the voice of the Expert on SAP Insider's Ask the Expert series for HR.

See her upcoming speaking engagements, watch on-demand webinars, or subscribe to her Let’s talk HCM blog.

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The solution to your SAP HCM reporting challenges

You need multiple tools to create reports
Challenge: Multiple tools to create reports

One of the challenges faced by SAP HCM customers is that multiple tools (Ad Hoc Query, SE16, Custom ABAP, Wage Type Reporter, and others) are required to report on critical HR and Payroll data. This data is often collected via these multiple tools and consolidated offline in an application like Microsoft Excel®, Access® or SAP Business Warehouse (BW), requiring manual effort, consuming valuable time and resources, and increasing the risk of errors. This method also introduces security and data integrity risks since the data is extracted and manipulated outside of your SAP system.

Solution: Access to all the data you need via a single solution

Query Manager solves the challenge of having to use multiple sources to get the data you need. Examples of real-time data sources available include: SAP Personnel Administration, Payroll (including de-clustered Payroll results), Benefits, Time Management & CATS, Payroll Postings, Organizational Management, On-Premise Talent modules including E-Learning and Performance Management, system configuration and SAP SuccessFactors data.

You have to rely on IT
Challenge: Reliance on IT

Users of existing SAP reporting solutions often rely on specially trained IT resources to create or run their reports. The processes can be complex and can require transports (Development to Quality Assurance to Production) and periodic updates as new releases or updates are applied to your system. Standard SAP Query solution functionality hasn’t been updated for over fifteen years, which brings additional problems. The changing landscape, including the acquisition of SAP® SuccessFactors®, can make your reporting landscape even more complex.

Solution: A simple user interface puts reports at your fingertips

You are up and running with the solution immediately - it’s just an SAP transport to install. You can use any of the over 250 pre-delivered reports straight away, search the online community for existing reports, or build your own reports easily. Query Manager is all about giving you control. You decide what you want to see, how it looks visually, and how you distribute the output.

Your critical data is not available in SAP Business Warehouse (BW)
Challenge: Critical data not available in BW

As an offline data repository, BW only stores aggregated data and doesn’t include real-time information. It usually does not include any transactional or operational data, and the Payroll InfoCube only allows for monthly results.

Solution: All this - and so much more

Query Manager enables you to create powerful reports, regardless of your HCM deployment. It is integrated with SAP SuccessFactors for on-premise SAP and hybrid SAP SuccessFactors reporting. In addition, it allows you to add your own data sources inside SAP or your own external non-SAP data source, perform calculations on your data, create charts via the Fiori app, produce amazing outputs via Document Builder, and schedule and distribute reports automatically.


HCM reports and charts - when and where you need them

The Query Manager Fiori interface allows you to access your reports from anywhere - you don’t have to be logged into a computer with SAP GUI installed. You can run and process reports from web browsers, mobile devices, self-service portals, HR Renewal portals or even from within SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central.

The Fiori app allows you to create charts and graphs for additional interaction, drilldown, and analysis. Whether you are creating an executive dashboard or monthly employee productivity reports, you can now visualize your data and transform it into a coherent and meaningful presentation.


HCM reports and charts - when and where you need them

Work with your SAP HCM Data –
Live in Excel

With Query Manager’s Microsoft Excel Add-in, you can refresh, analyze, share, and present your critical SAP HCM data, live* in Microsoft Excel. What is unique about this web app is that once you have built an Excel worksheet with all the formatting and formulas that you need, you can simply click a button to refresh your spreadsheet with live data from SAP. This functionality, which is delivered with Query Manager 4, allows you to automate your Excel reports; no more uploading and downloading data between systems. It also negates the need to send the latest copy of data to recipients; they can simply open up their Microsoft Excel and click the "Refresh" button to see the latest live data from your SAP system. The Microsoft Excel Add-In works with Excel for Mac, Excel for Windows and Excel for the Web.

Download this quick overview and ask for your free demo today.

*Data is generated via a real-time call back to SAP which collects the latest execution of the report.


Work with your SAP HCM Data – Live in Excel


Hybrid reporting across on-premise SAP and SuccessFactors

Easy reporting across on-premise SAP and SuccessFactors

SuccessFactors data is available as a data source in Query Manager, so it can be included with any data in SAP, or any external system. Leveraging this, if you have both environments – with some of your data in an on-premise SAP system, and some in the SAP SuccessFactors system – you can include data from both systems to run consolidated reports. As it is real-time and on-demand, there is no duplication of data.


Query Manager Key Benefits

Create reports easily with pre-built content

Save time and accelerate your reporting capabilities with our pre-built, easy-to-use reporting catalog that includes reports designed for each application area in SAP HCM.

Through streamlined navigation and user-friendly functions, you can easily execute pre-delivered content, create new content and add additional data sources. You can also include graphical indicators, modify selection screens and customize the output to transform your data into the exact report you need.

The ability to easily include hierarchical organizational data – often challenging in traditional SAP HCM  is made easy in Query Manager.


Multiple data sources

Virtually any data source is available in Query Manager, and the output is up to you - you decide what you want to see, how it looks visually, and how you distribute it.



Professional communication with Document Builder

An innovative add-on to Query Manager, Document Builder helps you generate richly formatted letters, documents, reports and visualizations automatically.  Sending out documents such as remuneration letters, contracts or pre-populated forms is easy and can be automated. These documents can include richly formatted text, images, background images, watermarks, dynamic tables and charts (bar, pie, line, scatter plot). Simply design your document, drag the relevant fields onto the page and send – it’s that easy. No more manual Microsoft Word mail merges.

 The Document Builder advantage

Professional communication with Document Builder

Secure report distribution

Secure report distribution

Distribution is at your discretion – you're in control. Security is top priority, and Query Manager respects your existing SAP and/or SuccessFactors authorizations. You can password-protect reports, and also set permissions for PDF results to control who may print, copy, paste and more. It is also possible to schedule recurring queries - such as daily audit and compliance reports - to run at pre-determined intervals, reducing manual efforts and ensuring reports are created on-time.

Vibrant live community, shared intelligence

Query Manager is embedded within a live user community, Client Central, bringing you the benefit of shared intelligence via an excellent discussion and knowledge-sharing platform. You can receive news and updates concerning Query Manager, access videos, demos, tips, and learn of upcoming events. Search for available queries directly from within the product.

The online community also facilitates:

  • Ticket logging and tracking
  • Suggestions for enhancement requests
  • Forums and knowledge base articles
  • Uploading your own content
Vibrant live community, shared intelligence
Create interface files - no more ABAP

Create interface files - no more ABAP

You can use Query Manager to create data extract or interface files for vendors without custom coding or IT involvement. With Query Manager, you have the ability to take any report you’ve created, apply file-based output formatting, and produce it in a file format that meets your vendor specifications. This includes passwords, automated placement on servers, or email distribution.

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Drive business results, reduce complexity

Query Manager allows you to standardize and simplify your HCM and payroll reporting, allowing for reduced reporting costs and complexity. Query Manager is 'future-proof' and can be deployed on-premise, hybrid or in the cloud. The solution grows with you, adapting to your needs and style.

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 Query Manager drive business results, reduce complexity