Highlight variances in SAP HCM data 

All-in-one HCM data comparison solution

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Eliminates manual comparisons - saves up to 70% in time

Eliminates manual comparisons - saves up to 70% in time

Speeds up your testing process - up to thirty times faster

Speeds up your testing process - up to thirty times faster

Compares huge amounts of data with 100% accuracy

Compares huge amounts of data with 100% accuracy

Highlights discrepancies instantly

Highlights discrepancies instantly

Comes with free sample comparisons

Comes with free sample comparisons


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How do you highlight inconsistencies in your ever-changing HCM data and ensure all your HR, Payroll and Time data is accurate?

Variance Monitor gives you the ability to compare HR and Payroll data between systems and across periods. And because it’s automated, it eliminates manual comparisons, speeds up your processes and enables your managers and test teams to be much more productive.



Who we have helped

We absolutely counted on those reports to help us identify the variances, help the testing teams focus, and also show the management that we were working through the problems.

Find out how we helped NRG identify data variances

John Cloud, IT Business Analyst, NRG

The beauty of this product is our testing process is easy to follow and now takes days instead of months.

Find out how Variance Monitor automates University of Tennessee’s HCM testing process

Sam Musharbash, Senior Business Analyst, Payroll Support, University of Tennessee




Find out more about Variance Monitor from our Senior Vice-President of HCM Solutions, Danielle Larocca


Change is a reality

Nearly all business changes – from the unending ebb and flow of employees, to major transformations such as mergers and acquisitions – impact your HCM data. And this makes comparing HR and Payroll data from one period to another extremely difficult.

Payroll needs to be checked monthly to ensure that the correct salaries will be issued. Irregularities such as wrong overtime can be costly and even lead to potential industrial action.

System changes add complexity

Throughout the SAP life-cycle, you need to compare data to ensure consistency and accuracy, starting with new implementations, and then during upgrades, after loading support or enhancement Packs, or when checking payroll and time data. You literally need to compare data every day.

Keeping new data in sync with your legacy system can be difficult during a new implementation of SAP HCM, especially when you want to perform parallel payroll runs. You may need to reconcile master data with external payroll providers, or validate the replication process between systems. Trying to do comparisons during periods when the system is in flux – such as new implementations or upgrades to ageing IT infrastructure – can be tricky.

Variance Monitor is also helpful when comparing data from disparate systems like SAP SuccessFactors or Workday.


You need accurate HCM data - fast

HCM data is both complex and critical – you can’t afford to make mistakes. Manual comparisons waste time, are error-prone and by no means audit-proof. Copying and pasting data into spreadsheets is simply a waste of time, and increases your security risks. You also don’t want to rely on overworked technical teams to solve this challenge.

The Variance Monitor solution

Variance Monitor solves this challenge instantly. It can handle enormous amounts of data, rapidly comparing data from a variety of sources and targets, and highlighting variances. It makes comparisons of payroll and time, master and FI postings data easy, and accelerates period-to-period auditing. It’s automated, allows for full data population comparisons and picks up discrepancies instantly.

Flexible and easy to use, Variance Monitor allows you to define and create comparison rules to spot variances in data (amount, percentage difference or actual field values). These rules are highly flexible, and wizards guide you through every step. Re-usable designs, design once, use often, allow you to be self-sufficient, giving you power and control over your data with minimal training.

Variance Monitor provides detailed comparison output as well as statistics which can be used to indicate issue resolution progress in projects. It can also access declustered pay results including the live and test results as part of your Payroll Control Center (PCC) process.

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Key benefits

Key Benefits Key Benefits

Using Variance Monitor

Variance Monitor can be used for comparing:

  • Period-to-Period on the same ERP system
  • Between clients via RFC or a File
  • Another ERP system via a File (ERP to ERP – File)
  • Legacy data from a File (Legacy to ERP)
  • Legacy data via LSMW
  • Legacy data via Year-to-Date Files