Maximize your value when running SAP on Azure

Dramatically lower Microsoft Azure consumption. Accelerate SAP migration with lower risk.
Open new innovation and collaboration opportunities.



Combining software and domain expertise to deliver leansecure and resilient SAP landscapes in Microsoft Azure.

Reduce Azure costs dramatically

Create lean SAP estates

Create lean SAP estates

Reduce the size of your non-production systems through our proprietary SAP landscape offering.
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Automate cloud operations

Automate cloud operations

Leverage automation built into Azure policies to prevent excessive spending
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Decommission legacy systems

Decommission legacy systems

Move your legacy applications to a web-based, secure read-only access solution, and retire your legacy SAP systems.
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Smart Azure migrations

Smart Azure migrations

Don't lift and shift when moving to Azure; only take what you need to the cloud.
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Simplify your migration to Azure with powerful software

Pre-flight analysis

Pre-flight analysis

Identify and mitigate project risks early. Benefit from intelligent landscape profiling of your SAP systems, especially when moving to S/4HANA.
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Reduce Risk

Reduce code and configuration gaps

Manage your SAP landscape with flexibility as your business transforms. Take only what you need on your S/4 journey.
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Reduce Risk

Reduce risk

SAP systems are mission-critical and contain sensitive data. We offer intelligent scrambling of sensitive data in non-production systems so you can increase your compliance with privacy legislation.
Protect sensitive SAP data

HCM and Payroll carve-outs

HCM and Payroll carve-outs

Accelerate your move to the cloud with specialized HCM transformation solutions. Free your system from legacy solutions and maintenance.
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Connect SAP systems

Unleash your SAP data

Unleash your SAP data

Connect your SAP data to deliver insights using powerful Azure Data Factory pipeline capabilities into other applications to deliver insights.

Connect SAP data to Microsoft Teams

Connect SAP data to Microsoft Teams

Leverage event-driven architectures and surface business information to where you users are – Microsoft Teams.

Accelerated sandboxes

Secure the environment

Monitor and receive intelligent alerts into your SIEM system based on events happening within your SAP environment.

Keep core clean

Keep your core clean

Replace your ABAP custom code with cloud applications built in Azure or BTP, and connect seamlessly via cloud connectors available from SAP and Microsoft.

Simplify your Azure transformation with powerful software


Expert insights

"Moving your SAP estate to Azure requires careful consideration to maximise the benefits of elasticity and intelligent cost management."

Phil Quinton

Cloud Lead | EPI-USE Labs

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Our innovative approach


Sandbox provisioning

Seeing is believing. We recommend giving your implementation team access to a lean (sliced) and secure (masked) copy of your production system, allowing them to evaluate innovations where they have full access to the test system.

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Data and Testing strategies

We recommend using the S/4 migration as an opportunity to move SAP workloads to the cloud. In addition to providing unprecedented scalability and flexibility, it increases agility in your landscape.
EPI-USE Labs can deploy best practice templates no matter which cloud strategy you follow.

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Custom code management

Reduce the code gap between development and production.

Many clients are baulking at code remediation on 20+ year-old development systems, and instead planning to rebuild development from production in their new S/4HANA landscape.

Convert your ABAP monoliths to flexible, cloud-delivered services.

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Compliance support

Data privacy and compliance should be built into the design of your new S/4 landscape.

EPI-USE Labs offers sophisticated tools to help you keep up-to-date with data privacy compliance, and comply with GDPR (Europe's General Data Protection Regulation) and other global data privacy legislation such as South Africa's POPI Act and the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA)

SAP Data Privacy Suite