Client sync Client Sync™

    High-performance client copying

    SAP System copies giving you headaches?

    When you are managing an SAP landscape, you need to be able to create new systems without having to stop the operation. You don't want to struggle for disk space every time you create a system, nor do you want to wait days for copies or refreshes to finish. And the refreshed systems need to function properly together. Most companies have no option but to copy the whole system, and so have designed their landscapes around this.

    Create fully functional clients with reduced footprints

    Client Sync from EPI-USE Labs allows you to copy only the subsets of information you need from a working system. This has impressive advantages: it reduces the new client's footprint and saves valuable disk space – up to 90% – which means your costs are drastically reduced.

    ClientSync vs our largest competitor

    You can also refresh data frequently without interrupting the landscape, using our proprietary high performance, asynchronous parallel processing.

    Recently, a Client Sync copy averaged 85GB an hour across the duration of the Sync! In the first hour we frequently see over 100GB transferred.

    Include transactional document flows to preserve integrity

    Client Sync will automatically include transactional data that lies outside your selected time period, which means that all dependencies remain intact in the new client, and your data is consistent. Customers have the choice and can turn this off when creating sandbox clients.

    System splits and mergers

    At times like these, a new production system needs to be created. Call in our consultants to help you with your SLO project. Client Sync has the enterprise-slicing functionality needed to split the system at company code level and it's also useful for system mergers. For details of our services please visit our SLO page.

    Client Sync benefits

    • Allows you to create new clients or refresh clients consistently across ERP, SRM, CRM, GTS, BW, SCM.
    • Simplifies data selection: choose from data profiles, or just reuse previous runs with a few clicks.
    • Allows you to copy only the time period and/or company code(s) you need.
    • Handles your custom tables automatically.
    • Allows you to copy BW data.
    • Sends email/SMS notifications to keep you posted on Sync status.
    • Dramatically reduces downtime in the transport landscape; allows system refresh to occur over a weekend.
    • Improves security, giving multiple options for masking data through Data Secure.
    • Saves up to 90% disc space.
    • Makes BDLS redundant.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What do mean by time slicing and enterprise slicing?
    Time slicing means selecting all transactions from a specific date up to today, so you can exclude unnecessary older data from your Sync and therefore create a lean client. (Client Sync cleverly keeps the transactions in your time slice consistent, by bringing over any older related documents that your selected transactions depend on).

    Enterprise slicing means you can choose to include the data from just one company code or several company codes in your Sync, so you can avoid copying superfluous information.
    Does Client Sync only slice the largest SAP tables?
    No, over 1000 business objects are defined in DSM. Client Sync will slice a massive number of your SAP tables, based on the tables defined in the object definitions. This means slicing is done from a functional perspective, resulting in significantly smaller clients than other products on the market that target only the very largest tables.
    Can I choose an end date for the time slice?
    No, there would be no way of knowing the balances, stock levels, number range pointers, etc. at the end of the time period. It is possible to do a file export at key points in case of a future requirement, e.g. take a one-year slice at the end of the financial year.
    Does Client Sync require a middle tier?
    No, Client Sync copies data directly from source system to target system without the need for a 'middle tier' server. This is why it is faster than other available products.
    Does a user of Client Sync require functional knowledge to build a lean client?
    No, Basis personnel only select the slice required and Client Sync ensures that a consistent client is built. Other products require the client to be defined in detail, necessitating considerable functional knowledge and introducing considerably greater risk of an inconsistent or incomplete resultant client.
    How does Client Sync differ from Object Sync?
    Client Sync uses profiles, for example, Customising, Master Data, InfoObjects Only, or HCM Only profiles, allowing you to copy a subset of client data, all at once, to create a leaner client. Object Sync is finer grained, allowing you to copy only specific data on the Business object level, such as Employee or Vendor, thus saving disk space too. So, for example, you could create a new client with all the customizing and user masters you need, using Client Sync, and then add just the master and transactional data for certain employees with Object Sync.
    Does Client Sync require BDLS?
    No, Client Sync eliminates the need for the BDLS transaction, as it looks for all logical system source values in the data at the same time, and makes changes whilst the data is in memory. For some big systems BDLS can take several days, so abolishing it is a big plus!
    Can I copy master data without the customising?
    No, the master data is dependent on customising in many ways. Even something simple, like address numbers used with customers and vendors, would be inconsistent if master data was copied without the existing customising. Similarly, whenever Client Sync copies transactional data, it includes the relevant master data. The only Client Sync profiles that can append data to an existing client are 'Only HCM Data' and 'User Administration'.
    Will my client independent data be affected with Client Sync?
    No, Client Sync will only affect client-dependent data (e.g. RFCs, batch jobs, printers). No repository or client-independent data will be copied.
    We have an SAP BW Landscape. Does Client Sync work for BW?
    Client Sync is part of EPI-USE Labs Data Sync Manager (DSM) product suite. It can function independently or as part of the DSM suite.