Client Central

A secure, ISO-certified Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, which at its core offers client support and knowledge management capabilities.

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Client Central is a secure, ISO-certified Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, which at its core offers:

Customer support
capabilities via ticketing

Knowledge sharing

Knowledge sharing via workspaces


An embedded Learning Management System (LMS)


Dashboards, reporting and Service Level Agreement management

We have been leveraging this solution as EPI-USE Labs’ own support platform, and as such it is being actively developed and used by over 20,000 users to date. We welcome the opportunity to work with you and deliver delightful support and service experiences for your customers.


Workspaces are logical areas which relate to a specific service, product or community that you want to collaborate on.  Workspaces are flexible and can contain one or more of the following components:

  • CC_QM_Home Page
  • Ticketing
  • Downloads
  • Videos
  • Knowledge Bases
  • Forums
  • Suggestions
  • Widgets
  • A Learning Management System (LMS)
Workspace Management

Administrators of workspaces can control access and visibility. This can be configured to be publicly available, or controlled by inviting specific:

  • Accounts - including all users of a specific account to have access to a workspace
  • Users - inviting specific users to have access

More fine-grained content access can be provisioned within the underlying workspace, by determining whether an account is a registered user or customer. A common example is only offering downloads to specific users or accounts if they are a customer.


Managing customer support requests is the main purpose of Client Central. The ticketing framework is highly customizable and can deliver a sophisticated automation solution. While it is possible to configure custom flows, the Client Central team will implement a basic ticketing flow as a starting point.Ticketing

Ticket configuration

To support a variety of scenarios, Client Central provides a mechanism to configure Tickets behavior. This includes:

  • Ticket types, which can be configured by customer type
  • Statuses for various ticket statuses e.g. open, escalated to development etc
  • Priorities to identify the severity of tickets and to be used for allocating service level agreements and rules
  • Custom Fields which offer custom classifications which can be included
  • Rules for implementing ticket automation
  • Buttons which provide easy access to custom features which might be commonly needed

The combination of all these configuration features make the Client Central solution extremely flexible, and easy for agents and customers to use.

Knowledge bases

The knowledge repository is a workflow-driven content management system that can be controlled through roles. Approvals ensure the content passes through a quality review before being published for client consumption. Knowledge bases are linked to and configured per workspace, allowing you a flexible setup based on the purpose and needs of the specific workspace.

Knowledge Bases

Content management and workflows

Access to the Knowledge base content creation is driven by roles, which are configured per account in Client Central, so can be flexibly designed. All content submissions are sent to content approvers to review.

Multi-lingual support

All articles are created in the default language of the author, but translations can be added and maintained. If an article is not available in the end-user’s preferred language, the default article language is displayed to the user.

Videos and downloads

The Client Central platform supports the uploading of videos and providing support for downloading large files. It uses a global content delivery network (CDN) to ensure experience is optimized for users globally.

Video Downloads

Like Knowledge bases, videos and downloads are configured via the workspace, and associated roles are provided for the management of these components.

Video management features

Videos can be tagged and either uploaded directly, or linked to a popular video hosting platform (Youtube, Vimeo, Wistis). Videos can be rated, and associated thumbnails and metadata can be included for improved searching and tagging. Attachments such as associated presentations can be included with the video submission. Setting visibility of who can see the video is also controlled granularly.


Like video downloads, these can be organised and categorised into specific folders for management and control. Externally accessible links can be created for download sharing “outside” of the Client Central platform.

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