Product training and services Product Training and Services

Getting the best out of your EPI-USE Labs products

When you use one of the EPI-USE Labs' products, you start a unique relationship with our company and some very exceptional people. Part of our philosophy is to ensure you get the full benefit from our product, which is why we offer various product trainening courses delivered by highly competent experts.

Our aims:

  • to empower you with detailed product knowledge
  • to give you hands-on experience with the products
  • to boost your confidence in the use of the product features
  • to make you aware of product content and clever ways to use the product potential
  • to help get you started on some basic reporting requirements
  • ultimately, to improve the efficiency of your business processes

Product training courses:

  • Data Sync Manager - Object Sync
  • Data Sync Manager - Client Sync
  • Query Manager
  • Variance Monitor
  • Tax Analyser
  • Pay Recon

(For more detail on the content of each course, refer to the downloads linked on the right of this page.)

It doesn't matter if you are new to the product or not, we provide courses graded at varying levels and designed to cater for everyone, from new to experienced users:

  • Initial training: Ideal for new product owners and business users.
  • Refresher: We regularly upgrade our products so your product knowledge and skills require the same attention and upkeep.
  • Advanced training: Formulated for more specialized functional users or requirements and focus on specific functionalities or areas.
  • 'Tailor made': This course is specifically tailored for your unique business requirements and often takes the form of a workshop. Talk to us and we'll work out what is best for you.

Although our products are user-friendly and intuitive, we encourage you to take advantage of training. Our products are constantly improving and as we find smarter ways of doing things we'd like to share these with users. Send us your training request and we'll get in touch with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does training take place?

We prefer to facilitate training on-site at your company. This is because those we train are familiar with their company's business data and any unique business-related scenarios can be dealt with. Of course, the business benefits directly during practical sessions, because exercises are practiced on its own data. Please speak to us if on-site training is not possible.

How long is the course?
The length of the course depends on the product and the number of attendees. The following is a guideline:
  • Query Manager - 2 days
  • Variance Monitor - 2 days
  • Data Sync Manager (Object Sync) - 1 day
  • Tax Analyser - Half day
  • Pay Recon - 1 day
Is there a minimum or maximum number of participants per course?
We prefer 4-8 participants per course, but it varies depending on the depth of training required, the type of training, and the participants' current understanding of the product.