Sunset applications & retain secure, role-based access to your data

Archive Central™:  an ISO 27001-certified platform, with secure, role-based access and extensive audit trails.


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Archive Central is a role-based, secure web solution to give business users access to historical data for queries, reporting and comparisons.

Whether you are adapting to business changes through mergers and divestitures, or embracing the latest technology like SAP S/4HANA®, IFS Cloud or Microsoft Dynamics 365, you need to consider what to do with your legacy data to make sure you comply with global data privacy legislation and regulations.

Archive Central™ is a secure platform that gives you read-only access to structured and unstructured data, without having to keep legacy systems running.

Optimize the use of your data from legacy systems


Legacy_newTechnologiesDon’t let your legacy data stop you from embracing new technologies

Keeping hold of your legacy data can stop you from embracing the latest in technology. With Archive Central, you can keep your legacy data, without following the costly archiving route, and still keep the best IT options open for your business.

Security protocolsImplement modern security protocols

Comply with GDPR and other data privacy laws by providing role-based access to sensitive data. The Archive Central platform is ISO 27001 certified, and adheres to the best security standards to keep your data out of the wrong hands. Also, all information is encrypted for security and regulatory compliance. Backups and disaster recovery are handled as part of the solution.

Optimize_Legacy_dataOptimize your access to legacy data

Import your legacy data into a secure, searchable web-based repository. Customize the layout to give users the same look that they are used to so they can find information quickly.

Team_businessFocus your team on business-critical systems

Let us take care of the legacy data you need for legal and compliance needs, with read-only access. No need to spend time and resources on maintaining out-of date-database versions or patching old systems; you can just consume the data without the hassle.

Archive Central in action

  • Browse, filter, and control access to archived objects
  • Built-in audit trail and role management
  • Intuitive reporting and dashboards


How Archive Central is used today

Retirement of legacy systems

Organizations are reducing operational costs by retiring legacy systems which can be expensive to support, or perhaps running on platforms which are insecure. Legal retention periods for business data delay the retirement of legacy systems. Archive Central provides a modern data management platform for record management.

Right-sizing of ERP systems

Businesses are looking for solutions to control and limit data growth in their ERP systems. This includes options to extract and archive data and documents they no longer require immediate access to. Archive Central provides a simplified, secure repository into which you can unload data, making your ERP system more cost-effective, as part of a transformation project.

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Business Transformation

After a merger or divestiture, the organizations involved may need to hold a selection of data for compliance reasons. Archive Central provides a controlled mechanism to share the relevant master and transactional data to the relevant parties for regulatory and governance purposes.

Data archiving for any legacy data

Many IT system landscapes have a hybrid scenario which includes best-of-breed solutions. Archive Central recognizes this hybrid scenario and doesn't limit the use of the platform to only certain vendor-specific solutions by imposing a fixed data model. Instead, our extractors are designed to retrieve your highly customized data model alongside the actual data. This approach enables Archive Central to remain flexible and adaptable, without requiring extensive customization services to conform to your standards.

Realize your project

EPI-USE Labs will support your project to export the data from your current Production environment and create the new Archive Environment:



SAP Archive Extractor

If the source system is an SAP system, part of the process is to export the data with SAP Archive Extractor. The extractor uses the Data Sync Manager™ SAP object model that EPI-USE Labs has mapped for the past 25+ years to ensure the data is coherently exported and the links between the data remain intact.

Technical architecture

Archive Central Technical architecture

  • In line with best practices, the solution is deployed as a hosted SaaS solution.
  • The application leverages elastic scaling and storage mechanisms, provides a variety of hosting locations (in compliance with GDPR and other privacy legislation) and uses CDNs for fast responses globally.
  • Support for documents is built in as standard; for example, linking payslip documents to the employee can be part of the data that is stored in Archive Central.

Gain insight into your data

We know you have your own requirements, and would like to discuss how Archive Central can support your needs. We have a free system analysis report that will provide you with key insights into your data.

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