Supercharge and simplify Employee Central Time Tracking 

GeoClock is an easy-to-implement and use mobile and desktop extension to Employee Central Time Tracking
which provides a flexible time reporting and employee rostering solution.

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GeoClock is a solution for clients using Employee Central and SuccessFactors Time Tracking who need a low maintenance, easy-to-use time clocking and employee rostering solution for employee time management.

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Easy, intuitive mobile time tracking

Gone is the need to manually capture time in worksheets. GeoClock provides a one-click time-clocking solution which is available on desktop and mobile devices, and that can be integrated with existing clocking hardware terminals. GeoClock supports a wide variety of industries, such as manufacturing, retail, field work, and even office personnel, and can be used to track remote work.

Painless rostering

Handle schedule changes directly in GeoClock. GeoClock allows managers to dynamically, and at short notice, alter employee shifts without the need to open SAP® SuccessFactors® . Use our fine-grained filtering to narrow down your population and make bulk changes with just a few clicks. Shift information is sent, in real-time, to Employee Central where it is available for time valuation and overtime calculation. 

Time enrichment

Get rid of manual adjustments, and reduce your managers’ non-productive time. No more manual rounding or edits to align shifts with small deviations to scheduled time. 
GeoClock automatically assigns time types based on flexible rules, which are then interfaced to Employee Central and Employee Central Payroll.

Intelligent notifications

GeoClock has notifications that can be used to monitor and alert users of common exceptions, preventing errors before they move any further. Managers are notified of deviations from planned shifts or manual time reporting. Employees can be notified of any time compliance issue, and requested to make corrections.

Built-in biometrics

Leverage state-of-the-art facial recognition technology to turn off-the-shelf tablet computers into dedicated time-capture terminals. 

Simple, mobile, clocking

An easy clock-in and clock-out process for employees which removes the need to manually complete timesheets. Any modern browser is a portal to your time clock.

Integration with clocking hardware terminals

GeoClock integrates easily with your existing clocking hardware, and can be deployed to a tablet or fixed terminal.

Work schedule comparisons

Integrates seamlessly with Employee Central work schedules, providing managers with a graphical view of employee ‘expected’ versus ‘actual’ time, along with custom notifications and indicators for notable deviations.

Automatic time-type calculations

GeoClock uses configurable rules to determine time types based on shift duration, day of the week, and start or end times, along with any employee, organizational or HR data available in Employee Central.

Configurable rounding and tolerance rules

Automate rounding of employee time (including time over midnight) and adjustments based on work schedule tolerance rules, to ensure time is accurately extracted to Employee Central and Payroll.

Configurable input fields

Logging time for a specific cost center, or project? Need to indicate that you’re responding to a call-back, or capture the location where you clocked in/out? GeoClock allows you to capture any number of custom fields with values populated from Employee Central, the user’s mobile device, or simple input fields.

Geolocation tracking

GeoClock can optionally be configured to track your employees’ geolocation on clock-in and clock-out. This allows for comparison against a predefined geofence to determine which site, factory, or location an employee worked at, or to provide route tracking.

Mass approval/rejection

GeoClock allows managers to view all the time for their team in one centralized location. Managers can approve times (to be extracted to Employee Central Time), reject times (sending them back to employees for changes), or make changes themselves

Custom notifications

Email notifications, along with in-app notifications, can be configured for events such as approvals, rejections, and missed clock-outs to ensure users are up-to-date at all times.

Get more value from your SuccessFactors Time Tracking investment.

GeoClock extends Time Tracking to provide an innovative time management solution, which is easy to use, and simple to implement.

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