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Secure data, increase compliance, and build trust in your organization


Data privacy and security requires robust programs than span everything from goals and strategies, through to best practices and technical solutions.

EPI-USE Labs helps companies put in place, or supplement, information security programs with  a range of services, including penetration testing, as well as risk and compliance support.  The outcomes can optionally be used as a basis to achieve certifications like ISO 27001, SOC 2 / ISAE 3402 audit reports or PCI certification.

Formalized information security programs allow companies to reduce their information risk by implementing robust information security policies, procedures and practices

Solving your IT security challenges

Organizations implement information security programs to reduce risk and cost, increase compliance, and improve business trust.

icon7 Reduce the risk of system breaches

System vulnerabilities increase your risk of breaches. You can harden your systems based on in-depth penetration testing results.

To reduce the cost of information security incidentsReduce the cost of information security incidents

Security incidents are inevitable, but you can greatly reduce both the likelihood and impact by putting in place some common sense controls. 

To be compliant with legislation. Comply with legislation

Privacy regulations around the world, like GDPR, CCPA,and HIPPA, make it a requirement for companies to implement privacy and information security practices.

To gain internal and external client trust by Gain internal and external client trust

Demonstrate a commitment to security that has been verified by an independent third party. This may lead to additional business, as many companies simply don’t engage with vendors without formalized information security practices.  

How we help you

Information security programs can take months or years to implement. EPI-USE Labs has developed the IS-GO™ methodology to streamline the implementation and operation of security programs.

What do we do differently?

icon6 Three-tiered penetration testing

Risk reduction is the primary focus of any data security program. Before embarking on the journey of creating policies and procedures to safeguard data, organizations need insight into their system vulnerabilities. We provide a three-tiered penetration testing service with basic IP-level testing, black-box testing, and white-box testing.

Information security programs that focus on humans.Information security programs that focus on humans

Employees find it difficult to follow typical information security policies and procedure documents. Our materials and training have been written from scratch to be easy to understand. This ensures that people can actually follow and use what is in the policy, instead of just satisfying the auditors, which, of course, our methodology also does.

We have done the hard work.An array of baseline materials

Our baseline materials, including project plans, policies and training have been designed to be relevant to the vast majority of organizations, with only a minimal amount of customization required. The value of starting from this base, as opposed to doing it from scratch, is enormous.

We use a risk-based approach to focus on the areas of the highest impact.A risk-based approach to focus on high-impact areas

For many organizations, implementing a security program means checking a whole lot of boxes, in order to say “we comply”. This, however, is the wrong approach. The purpose of a security program is to reduce measurable risk. We believe in identifying key areas of highest impact, addressing it well, and then continuously improving the program. This way, you will also not overwhelm your team with incredibly long to-do lists.

What you can expect

EPI-USE Labs assists companies in the following ways with their information security programs and certifications:

  • IS-GO™ Methodology for rapid implementation
  • Expert penetration testing services to identify system risks
  • Information risk and compliance experts to drive the project
  • High quality documentation which is easy to understand
  • An online portal with access to all your documentation, learning management and ticketing
  • Assistance with ISO 27001, SOC 2 and ISAE 3402 certification.

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EPI-USE Labs assists companies in the following ways with their information security programs and certifications