Managed Services

Increasing efficiency through accelerated automation

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Increasing efficiency through accelerated automation

Our global team of experts offer our clients a unique solution: managed services in combination with the EPI-USE Labs SAP accelerator products and resources, allowing traditional SAP technical services to be offered in a proactive and automated accelerated way..

Benefits of automation

Our model is one of taking repeated processes, making them more efficient and ultimately automating them with software as far as possible. Proactive management and automation results in numerous benefits including:

  • fewer mistakes due to human error
  • reduced risk
  • faster completion
  • shorter system outage times
  • high cost-effectiveness, as the need for human intervention is less

Our multi-faceted competitive edge

  • Systems can be viewed and monitored via a dedicated user portal, with many simple Basis tasks automated and available at the click of a button
  • The managed services team has direct access to the EPI-USE Labs product suite and developers; as additional tasks are identified for automation, EPI-USE Labs developers are on hand to enhance these solutions further
  • The EPI-USE Labs toolset used in combination with managed services are the Data Sync Manager (DSM) suite of products, Unified Platform and our collaborative online platform Client Central
  • Where automation isn’t warranted, we also back the technology with an experienced team of experts available around the globe to provide support.

Imagine a system which not only monitors your landscape, proactively predicts where bottlenecks may occur and resolves them before they happen, along with a highly skilled management team. EPI-USE Labs’ unique managed services could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Unified Platform in the cloud or on-premise

To streamline management and control of SAP landscapes, we bring you our Unified Platform (“UP”). We offer Infrastructure and Platform as a Service, as well as managed services, controlled centrally from the UP control centre. We developed the UP product as a management layer between virtual platforms and SAP to provide monitoring and automation of SAP systems running on a virtual environment.

Services we offer

  • Monitoring and upkeep
  • Break fixes and ticket resolution against a Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Support Pack and SAP Note technical upgrades
  • Proactive Basis process and setup improvements
  • SAP Landscape, Architecture and Basis advisory strategy
  • Landscape and client refreshes

“We approached EPI-USE Labs to make use of their expertise as a service. EPI-USE Labs came through with flying colours as they managed to complete the project within time and budget.”

Pick n Pay’s SAP Basis Team Lead, Robert Heyneke