Extend your SAP HCM on-premise Core and Talent solutions with an S/4HANA upgrade

PRISM for H4S4: Upgrade your SAP® HCM and/or Payroll On-Premise solution to S/4HANA®



What is H4S4?

SAP HCM for SAP S/4HANA On-Premise (more familiarly known as ‘H4S4’) is another variation, similar to the SAP S/4HANA Private Cloud Edition (PCE) offering, for customers who wish to extend their current investment in SAP ERP HCM.  As opposed to the PCE offering, H4S4 allows continued use of the on-premise SAP® talent solutions, including learning and recruiting (subject to licensing).  Launched in Q4/2022, synced with the SAP S/4HANA® release, it can be deployed either within the SAP S/4HANA environment or run standalone.
More information can be found in this blog by SAP’s Ralf Wagner. 

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H4S4: The Basics

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Based on SAP ERP HCM, with comparable functional scope & business processes

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Running on SAP HANA DB with performance benefits

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UX, legal changes,
continuous enhancements

This is not a new code line in on-premise SAP HCM; it is simply the existing code line that SAP is putting into the S/4HANA environment for those customers moving to S/4HANA and wanting to continue to run the ERP HCM code line in the same instance as S/4HANA. It is a technical upgrade that will take customers to the latest version. It will also have performance optimizations, as well as other usability enhancements. However, customers will still need to implement and deploy the new innovations, the same as any other normal system upgrade.

Who is H4S4 designed for?

H4S4 is designed as a continuity plan for customers who require extra time to move to SAP SuccessFactors, and still need or want to maintain their on-premise infrastructure. There are existing SAP customers who have made large investments in the SAP on-premise talent capabilities, including Learning Solution (LSO) and/or e-Recruiting. While it is highly recommended to move to the SAP SuccessFactors solutions, given that innovation is focused there, those who wish to extend their support for those talent modules in addition to their core HR (Personnel Administration and Organizational Management) will have a choice with this offering. The SAP S/4HANA Private Cloud Edition offering allows customers to extend their on-premise investment through calendar year-end 2040 for the core SAP HR Payroll and Time solutions. This variation allows for that, as well as support for the on-premise talent components. 

  • The scope of H4S4 largely matches what's in the Compatibility Pack today, although not every single function that is available today gets carried forward; some will be deprecated, see here (valid SAP ID required).
  • Only the more recent components are supported (e.g. PA-CM is being deprecated in favor of PA-EC).
  • H4S4 does support all of the local payroll versions.

PRISM for H4S4: Transformation methodology to enable your migration

EPI-USE has long been the leader in transformation, and a technical upgrade to S/4HANA is no exception.
PRISM for H4S4 is the ideal solution to enable you to migrate to H4S4.

PRISM innovations to support your business transformation

Build a new system shell quickly
Pre-flight analysis

Identify and mitigate project risks early. Benefit from intelligent landscape profiling.
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High performance client copying
Landscape optimization

Manage your SAP landscape with flexibility as your business transforms. Take only what you need on your S/4 journey.
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Reliable test data when you need it
Cloud infrastructure

Get best practice cloud templates and architecture to support lean, secure, agile testing of your business landscape.
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Compliant archive platform
Accelerated sandboxes

Give your implementation team access to ‘production-like’ sandboxes to evaluate innovations easily, and quickly identify issues with existing data and configurations.
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Comparing sap systems
HCM and Payroll carve-outs

Accelerate your move to the cloud with specialized HCM transformation solutions. Free your system from legacy solutions and maintenance.
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Protect your sensitive data
Manage tight project deadlines

Our approach allows you to manage tight S/4 project deadlines more easily, using the power of our landscape management expertise.
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Simplify your transformation with powerful software

PRISM helps you to:


Reduce risk

SAP offers robust assessment and planning tools. We augment these with your own independent analysis to review your data architecture, enterprise structure, license status and custom code analysis for planning insights.

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Intelligently slice your Payroll data

Seeing is believing. We recommend giving your implementation team access to a lean (sliced) and secure (masked) copy of your production system, allowing them to evaluate innovations where they have full access to the test system.

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Remove the need for

We recommend using the S/4 migration as an opportunity to move SAP workloads to the cloud. As well as providing unprecedented scalability and flexibility, it increases agility in your landscape.

We deploy best practice templates no matter which cloud strategy you follow.

See example


Automate reconciliations

Testing has always been considered a time-consuming, tedious task. S/4 places an additional change management and testing burden on your business users. A modern testing and QA process allows your team to successfully introduce new business functions by providing relevant test data early in the development life cycle, reducing production outages and defects.

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Transform data for target environment

Reduce the code gap between development and production. Many clients are baulking at code remediation on outdated development systems, and instead planning to rebuild development from production in their new S/4HANA landscape. Convert your ABAP monoliths to flexible, cloud-delivered services.

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Provide hybrid reporting across environments

Data privacy and compliance should be built into the design of your new S/4 landscape.

EPI-USE Labs offers sophisticated tools to help you support GDPR and other data privacy regulations.

SAP Data Privacy Suite

Bring enduring value into your landscape transformation


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