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What is S/4HANA Private Cloud Edition (PCE) for HCM?

Common questions and answers from our clients regarding the new offering from SAP® for on-premise HCM customers.

Is this a new product offering from SAP?

Yes, the SAP S/4HANA Private Cloud Edition (PCE) is a new offering for SAP customers launched in January 2021. The PCE offering, aligned with their HXM Move initiative, is part of their continued commitment to helping their customers get ROI from their on-premise SAP investment while creating a bridge to the cloud and the future.

Does this mean I can keep my SAP Payroll and current HCM?

Yes. This offering allows you to keep your beloved SAP HR, Payroll and Time ‘as is’, until at least the end of calendar year 2040, as long as you migrate to the S/4HANA Private Cloud Edition (PCE). 

Besides keeping my Payroll, what are the other benefits?

We understand that extending the investment for your SAP Payroll is often a primary driver, but other benefits include eliminating infrastructure costs of hardware maintenance, improving the availability and speed of data, leveraging the S/4HANA database, and embracing the SaaS model for licensing.

Can I keep my Payroll and/or Time and Benefits ‘as is’ indefinitely?

Nothing is indefinite, but what SAP SuccessFactors has committed to is that the guaranteed support date for customers who choose PCE currently aligns with the S/4HANA support date, which is until at least calendar year-end 2040.

Do I have to move to Employee Central?

No. With the S/4HANA Private Cloud Edition (PCE), you are not required to license or use the SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central solution. However, if you are leveraging any of the SAP SuccessFactors cloud-based modules, you may have to ensure that integration works as it should, as many rely on data provided in some form in Employee Central Data.

Does moving to PCE allow me to move to the cloud?

Yes, as you are switching your model from an on-premise solution to a solution hosted in the cloud. Migrating to S/4HANA Private Cloud Edition (PCE) allows you to eliminate in-house infrastructure costs as your system will be hosted in SAP’s own data center, or via a reputable hyperscalar vendor such as Azure, GCP or AWS.

How do I migrate my data to PCE?

There is an automated solution that accelerates the transition to a new landscape and minimizes the technical conversion activities and business impacts that would typically be associated with an S/4HANA transformation. This is called PRISM for HCM (Private Cloud Edition).

Does this include Time Management?

Yes, the S/4HANA Private Cloud Edition (PCE) includes three SKUs for Human Capital Management, Payroll and Time. No change is required to your current time management solution.

Does moving to PCE mean that I no longer manage and run my Payroll?

No, you continue to run your Payroll as you do today. However, it will be running on an enhanced database platform leveraging S/4HANA technology, and it will be hosted in the cloud, so no longer residing on a local server in your physical office.

Where will my SAP system be hosted?

Your system will be available in SAP’s own data center, or hosted by a hyperscalar of your own choice (Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Alibaba Cloud). As this is a subscription, SAP will be responsible for the technical management of the application.

What license changes are required?

With the new Private Cloud Edition (PCE) you are purchasing a subscription for the S/4HANA Private Cloud Edition (PCE) in a hyperscalar environment. Purchasing a license for SuccessFactors Employee Central is not required, neither is an implementation or migration to SuccessFactors Employee Central. The new pricing model is similar to SuccessFactors pricing; the subscription uses a “User” metric (which equates to an employee) and leverages new SKUs.

What about my custom code?

Leveraging PRISM for HCM (Private Cloud Edition) you can take your custom code with you, but it may need to be adapted to work on the S/4 CORE technology platform. Your Assessment stage will identify any items for attention and review, if you wish to review the complexity of your current system and/or perform any auditing and do a cleanup. However, your system can be migrated to S/4HANA Private Cloud Edition (PCE) with NO changes to your custom code.

How will application support work?

SAP provides the subscription and will be responsible for managing the core infrastructure, technical operations and product support. Application Management Services can either be run by the client, a partner, or SAP (as an additional service).

Who is eligible for S/4HANA Private Cloud Edition (S/4 PCE) for HCM?

Any existing customers of SAP ERP and selected net new customers are eligible for the S/4HANA Private Cloud Edition (S/4 PCE) for HCM.

Where can I learn about how to move my HCM solution to SAP's S/4HANA Private Cloud Edition?

EPI-USE Labs offers an automated solution in partnership with SAP SuccessFactors to ensure the rapid, secure transformation to SAP S/4HANA Private Cloud Edition (PCE), leveraging our existing PRISM solution.

Does it include Talent-based ECC solutions?

Solutions such as On-Premise based Performance Management, E-Recruiting and E-Learning and Compensation are not included as part of the SAP offering. 

Is getting all customers to SuccessFactors still the goal?

SAP advises that SuccessFactors is the desired future state and where a good deal of the innovation and investment is committed to for HXM and that the offering of S/4HANA PCE for HCM is simply providing customers another commercially attractive offering to assist them on that journey.

What about integration with S/4HANA?

Depending on your deployment model, the HCM system will integrate with S/4HANA using the existing ALE integration as per the compatibility pack delivered for S/4HANA.

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