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Your SAP system contains highly sensitive information, from your CEO’s salary through to pricing and rebate information. Ensuring your business data is managed securely is a top priority.



Scrambling and masking

The integrated nature of SAP makes scrambling complex. We offer industry-specific scrambling policies that allow you to accelerate your data protection initiatives and provide controls to reduce your data leakage risks.

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Landscape management

To protect sensitive data, consider reducing the 'Attack Surface’ in your SAP® landscape - keep the referential integrity and functionality of your test, training, sandbox and development system data without making data subjects identifiable, or leaving sensitive data exposed.

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Landscape Management
Archiving and redaction

Archiving and redaction

Reducing or obfuscating data records in your SAP production system requires careful planning. We can help you design and implement an intelligent mechanism to archive or redact taking cognizance of all the related dependencies.

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SAP HCM data security

HR, payroll and talent management systems, by definition, contain sensitive data. Encrypting and securely delivering this to employees and third parties needs sophisticated tooling and approaches.

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Who we have helped

Thanks to Data Secure, we can anonymize all sensitive SAP HCM data, such as employee-related data, in a very short time.

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Malte Podszus, Consultant FI/CO/HR, MAPA

EPI-USE Labs always exceeded our expectations. I would definitely recommend them!!

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Ramesh Kollepara - IT Director, Architecture & Application Delivery, Kellogg’s

EPI-USE Labs brought us an ideal solution in DSM, along with excellent service support. DSM has saved us time and resources, and given us the benefit of considerable cost-savings.

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Jeff Greiner - Director, Enterprise Applications Engineering at Siemens PLM Software

The new Data Secure worked perfectly to scramble data consistently between our systems. The team that was involved with the product setup and support was very knowledgeable.

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Jan Huizinga, Technical consultant, Rabobank