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Top tips for decommissioning SAP

Download this useful checklist from Paul Hammersley on the top tips for decommissioning SAP.

What is the impact of SAP test data?

In this quick reference guide, you will learn more about how to save time and costs, manage your security, reduce your data footprint and ensure you have high quality test data.

Hybrid copying and masking of SAP SuccessFactors data

Download this ebook to learn about the problem space of Test Data Management in a Hybrid SAP HCM environment, where there is both SuccessFactors Employee Central and an SAP Payroll system, and how ...

SAP Test Data: Download white paper by EPI-USE Labs & Sogeti

In this white paper, EPI-USE Labs and Sogeti have drawn on our industry experience to share some best practices on how SAP test data impacts testing around five key areas.

Ultimate guide: SAP S/4HANA data and landscape management

S/4HANA – however you’re choosing to get there – is likely to be the biggest SAP®-related project on your horizon. Read this ultimate guide to SAP S/4HANA data and landscape management by Paul ...

Benchmark Report: Cloud and SAP S/4HANA DevOps

In this research report, learn about where SAP customers are on their journey with respect to DevOps and their change management and testing goals, challenges, and technologies.

Scrambling SAP IS-U data

In this white paper, data privacy specialist James Watson shares his insights and understanding of the specific challenges faced when anonymising SAP IS-U data.

Landscape and Test Data Management requirements in an S/4HANA world

Paul Hammersley expands on the interaction of the new S/4HANA landscape with the new cloud solutions, why organisations are embracing ‘pure cloud’ solutions, and supporting heightened test data ...

‘Lean Secure SAP’ as a paradigm for business

SAP SLO: ‘Lean Secure SAP’ is a valuable ethos for how to approach the landscape design of your SAP processes to administer your SAP estate more efficiently

Understand the Configuration Center's role in SuccessFactors Instance Management

"Whether you are like me, transitioning from an on-premise world, or simply new to cloud instance management in SuccessFactors, this should be a great place to get started".

S/4HANA Migration: Landscape Management before, during & after your move

In this white paper, our SVP for ALM solutions Paul Hammersley outlines some of the benefits of better data and test landscape flexibility, before, during and after the move to S/4HANA.

Take control of your own BW test data

Download this white paper and see how organisations solve these challenges using DSM for BW.

SAP Solution Comparison for Data Copy and Data Security Tools

This document covers key copy and security features based on typical customer questions. It may help you to look at your current processes, and highlight where Data Sync Manager™ (DSM) would offer you ...

S/4HANA Migration Preparation Checklist

This checklist gives you an indication of what you should take care of before starting your S/4 journey. Each step indicates how much closer it gets you to the finish line.

SAP System Refresh vs SAP Client Refresh (Asia Pac)

Are you part of the Basis team? SAP System Refresh vs SAP Client Refresh This checklist is for you! Find out what the differences are between system copies and client copies and the benefits to both ...

SAP System Refresh vs SAP Client Refresh (USA)

Are you part of the Basis team? SAP System Refresh vs SAP Client Refresh This checklist is for you! Find out what the differences are between system copies and client copies and the benefits to both ...

Healthy SAP refresh services

Reliability of test data quality and quantity has become a basic necessity of any modern IT organisation. The ability to effectively trial and test any change before applying to the production ...

Do's and Don'ts for SAP Data Testing Practices

Did you know that 35% of a large enterprise’s IT budget will go directly to testing? This cheat sheet gives you a quick overview of SAP data testing best practices.