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Amey uses Query Manager for SAP HCM reporting

Query Manager brings Amey the flexibility to manage all HR reporting in-house with quick and easy automated processes.

ArcelorMittal Bremen gets flexible HCM reporting

Query Manager reduces report development time from eight weeks to one day for ArcelorMittal Bremen.

The BBC benefits from quality test data and automated SAP HCM reporting

Query Manager, Document Builder and Data Sync Manager help the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) to save time and be more efficient

SAP HCM reporting at Cadent Gas

Mike Gleeson, Director of HRIS & Programmes at Cadent Gas Limited, speaks about the impact of COVID-19 on HCM reporting for Cadent Gas, moving their reporting onshore and why Query Manager is so ...

Powerful tools for SAP HCM Reporting at CEZ Group

"Query Manager and Document Builder are gaining a reputation among HR professionals at CEZ Group; they’re very powerful tools."

Compass Group UK leverages the HCM Productivity Suite for SAP HCM support pack testing

“Variance Monitor, along with Data Sync Manager provides us with a robust and secure regression testing strategy for our employee data.”

Dorset County streamlines their HCM processes

"We have been very happy with Document Builder; it was a worthwhile investment for us..."

Jabil empowers its HR team with Document Builder

"Document Builder is the perfect solution for Jabil’s legal work contracts"

North American Lighting migrates SAP Payroll in five days with EPI-USE Labs

Learn how North American Lighting capitalized on their existing payroll implementation by migrating their payroll to SuccessFactors ECP using the EPI-USE Labs PRISM service.

Query Manager saves Nottinghamshire County Council time and manual data manipulation

"Query Manager saves us so much time and an awful lot of data manipulation. Before we were having to export data from multiple sources, join them together, excel formulas, lookups, all sorts of ...

PostNL migrates to SuccessFactors

"We were able to keep all the value from our SAP Payroll while modernising our landscape. Having EPI-USE Labs help us to deliver the migration on time and within budget meant we could focus on the ...

Reinsurer SCOR relies on risk-free SAP HCM carve-out

“Getting it all from a single-source supplier – carve-out, cloud hosting and managed services – was key to success.”

Query Manager makes Straumann smile

Straumann uses Query Manager to generate automated SAP HR reports and to check data quality

First-class solution for the University of Cape Town during COVID-19

"When we discovered Query Manager with Document Builder, we realised that we would solve not just one problem but a whole lot more."

The University of Tennessee automates their HCM testing

"Data Sync Manager was the clear winner for us. The solution met the bulk of our requirements."

Query Manager: The SAP engine behind UK Power Networks

"Query Manager 4 is become the engine for our HR SAP data needs. So it covers: extracting data to put into management information reports, monitoring our processes, profiling the quality of our data, ...

SAP HCM Reporting at Wales & West Utilities warms up

Comprehensive reporting solution delivered

Warburtons SAP HCM Reports: Query Manager is the best thing since sliced bread

Securely access and distribute all SAP HCM reports quickly across the business

SAP HCM Reporting soars at Zürich Airport

“Query Manager should be, in my opinion, part of the standard SAP HR solution.” – Anton Mayr, Head of Payroll, Zürich Airport