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BT calls on Data Sync Manager to improve their SAP test data management

EPI-USE Labs’ Data Sync Manager (DSM) Suite empowers BT to reduce their SAP data footprint, refresh on-demand, copy time-sliced clients and comply with GDPR.

Data on-demand
and faster refreshes

Compliance with

85% reduction in
data footprint

Data refreshes are
10 times faster

About BT

BT is a British multinational telecommunications company headquartered in London, and one of the world’s leading communications services companies. Operating in around 180 countries, BT is the largest provider of fixed-line, broadband and mobile services in the UK, along with subscription television and IT services.

Brands in the BT Group include BT, EE, Plusnet and Openreach.
They have around 100,000 employees and a revenue of over £20 billion.

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The initial relationship building – and then ongoing collaborative working across all the technical teams involved– has been exceptional, and that has helped us to overcome some of the ‘sticky points’ to meet the expectations of the business.

Harsha Patel
Technology Solutions Manager, BT

Large data footprint puts pressure on test data strategy

The BT Group is responsible for the EE SAP estate that runs core business functions including Finance, Retail, HR, Commissions and Payroll. The estate includes 145 systems, and the main Production system runs ECC 6 on HANA, with 8TB of data, of which 4TB is active.

Because of the size of the database, doing system copies was not a viable option. BT faced project delays with test data mismatches between applications. Internally, different teams were accountable for data setup between Test and Production systems, which caused defects in Production. SAP is required in many end-to-end processes, with up to 60 integration projects and many internal SAP changes being tested in parallel.

Throughout the project, EPI-USE Labs has been very patient and able to adapt to the requirements and needs of our company. It has been very successful.

Harsha Patel
Technology Solutions Manager, BT

The SAP Test system hadn’t been refreshed since they went live over 10 years previously. This was because the system size meant refreshes took much too long; high costs would be incurred due to the additional storage required; and refreshes couldn’t be repeated easily.

BT needed to be able to perform partial refreshes of the system, time slicing the data and reducing the footprint, using the help of add-on software that would require the smallest number of resources and the minimum downtime possible. Their three main objectives in finding a solution to support their procedures were:

  • reducing their SAP database and platform size
  • introducing faster, agile, and cost-effective refresh processes
  • being GDPR compliant and securing their PII (Personally Identifiable Information).

Lean, secure client refreshes with Data Sync Manager

EPI-USE Labs’ Data Sync Manager (DSM) Suite allowed BT to solve all their business challenges. By implementing the entire suite – Object Sync, Client Sync, System Builder and Data Secure – they could achieve all their goals. DSM is optimised to work with large databases, and gives the BT team the flexibility to refresh the data when they need to.

BT has been able to carry out refreshes of their Production system, choosing only the necessary data, and scrambling the sensitive information, gaining agility and security in what they were delivering.

What was previously impossible because of the time required is now feasible within 72 hours, or a weekend window.

To have the ability to copy accurate, time-sliced data is very powerful. It increases our confidence level in terms of our testing before we put the solution into the live environment.

Harsha Patel
Technology Solutions Manager, BT

Quality SAP test data

Data Sync Manager helped BT achieve their SAP test data management goals that had been pending for over 10 years. After working hand-in-hand with the technical team at EPI-USE Labs, BT has managed to address all their project goals.

On-demand data
10 times faster
Successful data
scrambling based
on agreed rules
and policies
Reduced disk space
required by copying a
time slice of data
End-to-end testing
in an integrated
environment with
no errors reported

Improved quality of
project testing phases
by ensuring SAP test
data is live reflective
(system testing, integration
testing, E2E test, regression
test, User Acceptance test)
Ensuring that
reference data (Price
Plan, Handsets and
Pricing data) matches
live data, reducing
defects post go live
Removing the need
for double entry
of reference data
between Live and Test
Scrambling data for
GDPR Compliance

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