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Powerful tools for SAP HCM Reporting at CEZ Group

"Query Manager and Document Builder are gaining a reputation among HR professionals at CEZ Group; they’re very powerful tools."
Petr Kotouč, HRIS and Benefits Manager SKČ, ČEZ

Potential to reduce
up to 90% of workload
with regular reporting

Scope to cut
about 40% of workload
in ad hoc reports

Effective for use
in dynamic employment
law documents, including
template variations

Who is CEZ Group?

CEZ Group is the largest energy group in the Czech Republic. It is also ranked in the top ten energy companies in Europe. The group has more than 7 million customers and approximately 32,000 employees. CEZ’s mission is to provide safe and reliable energy to its customers. It also places great importance in working innovatively to meet energy needs and to contribute to a higher quality of life. CEZ’s main areas of business are: the production, distribution, trade and sales of electricity and heat, trading and selling natural gas, providing comprehensive energy services in the new energy sector, coal mining.

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The challenges

CEZ was looking for a natively linked tool with primary data in SAP HR, without the need for an interface and constant updates. The group is planning to move to SuccessFactors, so the tool had to be able to extract data from SuccessFactors modules.

Along with the SuccessFactors future vision, CEZ was also looking for a solution to connect their prepared data easily and in real-time to their Business Intelligence (BI) solution.

Query Manager was required to create and send complex reports automatically. The reports are now effortless. The system regularly sends them to each recipient‘s email. We are constantly discovering new possibilities for applying Query Manager and Document Builder in business - adding big value to CEZ Group.

Petr Kotouč, HRIS and Benefits Manager SKČ, ČEZ

The solution

CEZ started using Query Manager and Document Builder in 2020. At first, the settings for the Czech language and its diacritics proved a minor complication but EPI-USE Labs implemented the solution to the client’s satisfaction. EPI-USE Labs provided training remotely, in line with Covid-19 guidelines.

With Query Manager and Document Builder, CEZ is able to easily access all their data from a single solution in SAP, and create their own professional reports and documents, without relying on technical resources.

The outcome

Query Manager proved an efficient solution; it reduced the workload of ad hoc reporting by about 40%, and has the potential to reduce regular reporting by 90%.

CEZ Group greatly appreciated having access to Query Manager and Document Builder during the Covid-19 pandemic. The tools offered flexibility in creating and sending confirmations to approximately 14,000 users. With rapidly-changing government regulations, CEZ needed to create and distribute various employer certificates repeatedly, often at short notice. Manual processing of tens of thousands of confirmations would not have been possible, but the EPI-USE Labs’ solution overcame this issue.


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