MAPA (including BILLY BOY): Customized protection for sensitive SAP HCM data

“Data Secure anonymizes our SAP test data quickly and easily”


Since 1947, MAPA GmbH has had its headquarters in Germany on a 165000m2 site in Zeven, between Hamburg and Bremen. As a leading company in the market segments of contraception (BILLY BOY, Fromms and Blausiegel), household items (SPONTEX) and baby care (NUK), MAPA GmbH’s brands enjoy global recognition. Subsidiaries, affiliated companies and strategic sales alliances are located in Europe, America, Asia, Australia and Africa.

Reasons for choosing Data Secure included:
  • simplicity through the provision of user profiles
  • provisioning of pre-configured masking profiles
  • speed, thanks to automation
  • selective copying and masking of fields



Increasing globalization demanded that MAPA change the way they handled test environments. Ten years ago, the German site at MAPA included one SAP ERP system. Today, ten additional company codes are administered from this site.

Creating accurate testing data in non-production systems was a real need, but the security risks of the non-production systems left them feeling exposed. Managing the risk through Authorizations didn’t provide sufficient security.

Choosing Data Secure was immediately obvious; despite being a comprehensive application, it was still easy for functional users to use. An important selection criterion was performance, because MAPA needed to mask or scramble large volumes of SAP HCM data.

Thanks to Data Secure, we can anonymize all sensitive SAP HCM data, such as employee-related data, in a very short time.

Malte Podszus, Consultant FI/CO/HR, MAPA GmbH


The mapa Success Story

[fa icon="plus-square"] The Challenge

MAPA was faced with the challenge of integrating various SAP systems within the MAPA group. Globalisation and associated time differences meant evolving IT requirements. The various SAP systems used were ERP, CRM, APO and BW.

Control of SAP authorizations

Increasing internationalization demanded that they change the way they handled test environments. Whereas ten years ago the German site used only one SAP ERP system, today ten additional company codes are administered from this site.

Because tests in the production system jeopardize system integrity, they must be performed on test and sandbox systems. Access to these test clients is comparatively hard to control, particularly in the early project phases. Access to high-quality test data for project teams is, however, necessary. No real data should be used. To ensure that SAP HCM data remained secure, a solution needed to be found promptly.

Secure test data – but how?

The Federal Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz, BDSG) requires employee-related data such as name, bank account and salary to be protected against unauthorized access. At MAPA, SAP ERP and HCM are on the same system, so they were faced with the decision whether to separate the ERP and HCM landscapes, or not. The aim of the separation would have been to limit access to personal data in a specially-protected system, but the result would have been a complex and expensive project to divide data areas and re-integrate processes. As SAP HCM is highly integrated into related SAP ERP module areas, a system split would have caused this reference to be lost. The downstream project costs would have been unpredictably high.

MAPA needed

  • to run, use and test the SAP test system just like the production system after masking
  • the option to select and mask any field
  • the power to enhance masking outside of SAP HCM (for SAP ERP)

Project goals

  • To prevent a system split between SAP HCM and ERP
  • To create consistent and secure test systems
  • To implement international security standards in compliance with the BDSG
  • To empower employees

“We were looking for a solution to anonymize SAP HCM data in a flexible manner and guarantee that our system could subsequently be run and tested in just the same way.”

Malte Podszus, Consultant FI/CO/HR, MAPA GmbH

[fa icon="plus-square"] The Solution: Data Secure™
Chosen solution and services

Implementation highlights

  • fast installation, due to complete SAP integration
  • immediate use of the solution as hardly any customizing was required

MAPA chose to use Data Secure™ (part of the Data Sync Manager™ suite) as a comprehensive solution. Choosing Data Secure was immediately obvious because, despite being a comprehensive application, it was still easy for functional users to use. An important selection criterion was performance, because MAPA needed to mask or scramble large volumes of SAP HCM data. User roles brings more ease and control, as super users can set up masking profiles that specify exactly which areas, fields and links are to be changed. The users can use these when they need to create masked data in testing environments. EPI-USE Labs provided pre-configured profiles for the employees, customers, business partners, vendors and addressed objects as part of the standard options.

[fa icon="plus-square"] The Outcome

Flexible masking of SAP data with Data Secure™

Because at field level it is possible to specify which objects are to be anonymized, the integrity of the data was 100% assured, even after the anonymization. Flexibility regarding field selection was particularly important as payroll runs and time results are simulated in test runs.

New standards, including outside SAP HCM

Vendor data, material BOMS and financial data are also sensitive data that can be tested on test systems. Data Secure allowed MAPA to mask data outside SAP HCM in a flexible manner. After implementation, MAPA planned to step up the integration of Data Secure into the SAP landscape, with the aim of making Data Secure a standard procedure and releasing data only after it has been masked with Data Secure.

[fa icon="plus-square"] Benefits to MAPA
  • Flexible anonymization for all of SAP ERP
  • Secure test and training systems
  • No middleware used

We can now test HR data cleanly – the system has not been corrupted because everything is anonymized.

Malte Podszus, Consultant FI/CO/HR, MAPA GmbH





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Ensures accurate, consistent data in non-production systems
Creates clients quickly and with no post-processing effort (BDLS)
Provides data when you need it, where you need it
Reduces system interruptions and downtime
Complies with data protection standards, such as Sarbanes Oxley, the BDSG, or GDPR
Offers unparalleled data quality and completeness
Cuts disk space and data storage costs significantly
Supports over 1600 business objects – more than any other data copy product