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De Lijn ‒ easy-to-use, accessible payroll reporting for transport operator

De Lijn improves Payroll reporting with EPI-USE Labs’ Variance Monitor™, Query Manager™ and Data Sync Manager ™ (DSM) Object Sync for HCM

371 Query Manager queries

New report in 30 minutes distributed to 9,000 employees

No ABAP coding needed

Automatic distribution of reports

About De Lijn

De Lijn is a centrally-managed transport organisation with its head office in Mechelen. It operates tram and bus services in the Flanders region, with a focus on providing local links for its customers. De Lijn’s services form part of the new Flemish transport model with some 15 transport regions. In 2020, De Lijn’s services covered approximately 186 million vehicle kilometres. It runs three tram networks in Antwerp, Ghent and the coastal region. About half of its bus services are outsourced to operators.


In search of more efficient ways to run payroll and create queries

De Lijn had been comparing payroll runs manually. This work was labour intensive and repetitive for its employees, and was incurring high costs for the business. They had been using ABAP developers to create queries, time that could have been spent on other work. It also slowed down production of new reports.

The complementary solutions from EPI-USE Labs – Variance Monitor, Query Manager and DSM Object Sync for HCM – have streamlined our payroll runs, and made our reporting much more efficient.

Patrick Boivin
Head of Core Systems ERP

Complementary solutions transform payroll reporting

EPI-USE Labs provided Variance Monitor™ to automate comparisons in payroll runs. Variance Monitor compares test and real payroll runs, and differences in real payroll runs.

EPI-USE Labs also introduced Query Manager™ to enable functional HCM users to create reports quickly without an ABAP developer, freeing up developers to work on other projects. By generating reports, Query Manager allows users to find missing master data quickly and easily. Query Manager is also user-friendly, meaning users can master it in just a couple of days.

Data Sync Manager™ (DSM) Object Sync for HCM enables users to copy missing data quickly to test environments.

Adding email as a variable, users can automatically distribute presentable reports to all employees.

Query Manager offers us the ability to respond quickly to requests by the end user. We’re also really excited about how quickly we can create queries. In half an hour we were able to set up, distribute, and make them available for the end users.

Patrick Boivin
Head of Core Systems ERP

A user-friendly system without ABAP input

EPI-USE Labs’ solution for De Lijn has helped the business by:

  • Freeing up ABAP developers and Basis users, allowing them to focus on other projects
  • Empowering functional users to tackle issues quickly
  • Generating insights for users without relying on the lengthy process of creating reports with ABAP code
  • Using Variance Monitor to support the S/4HANA migration, by comparing payroll runs between the S/4 system and the on-premise system, thereby reducing the risk for the migration.

Variance Monitor supports our S/4HANA migration by checking the payroll runs/simulations; it allows us to assess quickly if anything in Payroll has changed

Bart De Bruyne
Expert Software – SAP

We use Object Sync every month to keep our acceptance and production environments in sync.

Bart De Bruyne
Expert Software – SAP

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