Are you considering a move to S/4HANA?
Our S/4HANA Assessment Report will help you make an informed decision, and identify the
key risks and

opportunities of migrating for your company. At no cost, and with no further commitment from your side,
it's a great chance for you to get real insights into your SAP system.

Why get the S/4HANA Assessment Report?

  • Identify the impacts of custom developments 
  • Profile your underlying functional data
  • Identify which enhancements/business functions have been implemented
  • Develop insights into background jobs and tasks that run in your landscape
  • Get critical insights about your system, at no costS/4HANA Assessment report

What's involved?

  • We provide an SAP transport for you to implement in your environment. It's quick and easy.
  • Meta data (no sensitive or transaction data) is extracted
  • Once uploaded, we deliver an interactive, web-based report for you to view and share with your colleagues, to help you make informed decisions.

We'll provide answers to any questions you have as they relate to your specific technical architecture. Get your free assessment today.

Get your free assessment

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