Data Sync Manager shapes the future for Hunkemoller

Data Sync Manager shapes the future for Hunkemöller

Significant reduction in landscape footprint, saving costs on HANA and storage
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It used to cost us a lot to have a full-scope quality environment, which not many business users were making use of. Data Sync Manager allowed us to shrink our overall data size much more than we expected upfront; we are expecting that our ROI will be ten months or less, which is quite amazing. It’s also fantastic that we can do refreshes ourselves.

Jeroen Bakkers, Business Relationship Manager, Hunkemöller International


Hunkemöller has a long and rich history. They opened their first store in Amsterdam in 1886, and have evolved as a business in the last 130 years to include 800 stores across the world, an online store and website, an app and many loyal brand followers.

What makes them get up in the morning? Lingerie. As one of the largest lingerie specialists in Europe, Hunkemöller has a team of highly talented designers that make sure they launch the right style at the right moment. And they make sure the quality is the very best. As a company, they love what they do, and are proud of their products and people. This is highlighted by the fact that they have won the Lingerie Retailer of the year in Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands award since 2014.


  • One of the largest lingerie specialists in Europe
  • Founded in 1886
  • 800 stores across the world
  • Began their franchise programme in the Netherlands in 1979, and now operate franchise stores worldwide

In brief: HUNKEMÖLLER implemented DSM

A long-time SAP user, Hunkemöller is expanding into new markets, resulting in a fast-growing database with estimated yearly data growth of 18%. Hunkemöller has a Production, Quality and Development landscape, with the Quality Assurance (QA) system as an exact copy of Production at 2.4Tb. Performing a Client Copy took two weeks. Having recently migrated to HANA, they wanted to reduce the landscape footprint to save costs on HANA and storage.

After implementation of Data Sync Manager™(DSM), Hunkemöller could reduce their QA system and found a six months’ time-slice delivered accurate test data, and still only used 320GB of space. Hunkemöller expects to receive their Return on Investment (ROI) in less than 10 months. They have significantly reduced costs, can do refreshes quickly and have more up-to-date QA data for accurate testing.



The Challenge
The Solution: Data Sync Manager
The Outcome

Data Sync Manager empowered us to be independent from our hosting partner. We get the data we need to run our business.

Jeroen Bakkers, Business Relationship Manager, Hunkemöller International


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Ensures accurate, consistent data in non-production systems
Creates clients quickly and with no post-processing effort (BDLS)
Provides data when you need it, where you need it
Reduces system interruptions and downtime
Complies with data protection standards, such as Sarbanes Oxley, the BDSG, or GDPR
Offers unparalleled data quality and completeness
Cuts disk space and data storage costs significantly
Supports over 1600 business objects – more than any other data copy product