Iberostar group makes reduced and agile copies in S/4HANA

Cost savings due to
reduced data footprint

Agile SAP® data refresh
methodology in S/4HANA

Autonomy for the team
to refresh data

About Iberostar

Iberostar Group is a 100% family-owned Spanish multinational with a track record of more than 60 years in tourism. The business itself was founded in 1877. Its core business is Iberostar Hotels & Resorts, with a portfolio of over 100 4-star and 5-star hotels in 16 countries. The Group has become an international benchmark by promoting a more responsible tourism business model that focuses on caring for people and the environment. The Wave of Change movement reflects the company’s commitment to the environment and the oceans, and its effort to share it with society as a whole.

The Group is made up of a global team of more than 34,500 people of 91 nationalities. Thanks to this talent, the company is a leader in quality and drives differentiation in customer experience through constant product innovation and digital commitment.

Iberostar Group has been an EPI-USE Labs’ client for more than ten years


Iberostar’s day-to-day data demands

Iberostar wanted a solution to create accurate, up-to-date data to test S/4 developments and customisations in non-production environments. The data in the Development and Integration environments were out of date, and standard SAP system copies were not a solution.

With the standard process, you take all the data, so there is no flexibility to slice it. Refresh times are long, and non-productive environments are the same size as the production database. The larger non-productive environment requires more resources and leads to increased costs in Development and Integration.

Iberostar Group has used the Data Sync Manager™(DSM) suite for many years in their ECC environment. With the switch to S/4, they wanted to continue benefiting from DSM’s positive features to mitigate their challenges. Iberostar wanted to:

  • test S/4 developments and customisations in non-production environments, with up-to-date data from Development and Integration environments, thus minimising incidents in production
  • make flexible copies of data, slicing the data by period or specific company code for faster, on-demand copies
  • reduce the size of non-production environments to reduce the running cost and resources

From the time of our SAP ECC6 release up to the present day with S/4, we have benefited from the power and independence of being able to make partial copies of the data. With the migration to S/4, we benefit from a solution that reduces non-productive environments and consequently saves costs.

Miguel Vergés Duran, SAP Office Director, Iberostar Group

Building on DSM’s successful track record

Iberostar uses Client Sync™, part of the DSM suite, for S/4HANA to update clients in non-production environments with data copied from Production. With this process, they are able to update the Development and Integration environments to test all customisations and developments within the S/4 landscape. This is straightforward and uncomplicated.


With this solution. we can be much more efficient and agile in solving problems emanating from capacity and infrastructure costs, as well as having access to quality assurance environments quickly for any need or relevant projects.

Gerard Pasán, IT and Digital Management Office Director, Iberostar Group

Client Sync for S/4HANA achieves multiple benefits

Iberostar Group implemented Client Sync for S/4HANA to have a refresh strategy for non-productive environments in S/4, with a reduced database footprint, improved data selection, and simpler and more efficient copy processes.



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