Agile delivery of company carve-out for multi-national oil and gas company

Landscape transformation using Data Sync Manager™ LT

The Challenge: SAP system split for subsidiary sale

As a global organisation with multiple divisions, a large multi-national oil and gas company approached EPI-USE Labs to support them with the system split related to the confidential sale of one of their subsidiary companies. Based on their existing relationship with EPI-USE Labs, they felt confident in EPI-USE Labs’ specialist capability to assist with the company code carve-out.

A system split or company carve-out involves extracting certain parts of an SAP® system to create a new one. This oil and gas company needed to split out one company code from an existing SAP system into a standalone new system. The system scope was an on-premise ECC system which was part of their landscape, and the buyer wanted to have the new system hosted in the cloud.

The company code had to be carved out to a separate system with the full transactional history relevant to that code. Crucially, the company code was not in its own distinct controlling area; there were company codes in the same controlling area which were not being extracted. Included in the scope were the standard core modules of Finance and Logistics, HR mini-records and the Organisational Structure.

Another specific and critical requirement was to not share business history; this was considered confidential because of the buyer becoming a competitor.


What is the difference between Data Sync Manager Landscape Transformation (LT) and Data Sync Manager?

The Data Sync Manager LT licence is a special version of the software that is only available to EPI-USE Labs Certified Consultants that are trained to be able to manipulate data to create new Production environments. The standard DSM licence will not allow you to do this.

The Solution: SLO services and Data Sync Manager

Migrating data in an SAP landscape in these circumstances is a complex and time-critical undertaking, requiring very experienced people and proven methodologies. System splits and carve-outs need careful handling as they affect the entire production landscape.

EPI-USE Labs’ System Landscape Optimisation (SLO) team specialises in extracting the right data and migrating it rapidly, using their powerful Data Sync Manager (DSM) product suite. This oil and gas company was already using DSM for creating test data in non-production systems, so they were delighted that EPI-USE Labs could leverage DSM in its Landscape Transformation (LT) version to automate a very labour-intensive process. DSM’s enterprise-slicing functionality enabled the organisation to split the systems at company code level, and easily carve out parts of the landscape by selecting the appropriate data. Within this LT suite, EPI-USE Labs used System Builder to create a blank system shell and Client Sync to extract the client with filtering on the enterprise keys which relate to the required company codes. Critical and sensitive HR data was scrambled so the company could quickly and easily migrate the documents and data, including creating and refreshing the target environment.

For the target system build-out, the files were moved from on-premise (the company’s network) to the cloud environment. This included:Landscape Transformation for Oil and Gas companyThe EPI-USE Labs’ team oversaw all the crucial parts of the project. For complex projects like this, carving out the data usually translates into extensive custom development or feverish manual activity. DSM LT automated the requirements and produced repeatable, predictable results, allowing enough time for testing various scenarios.

EPI-USE Labs completed unit testing on the customisation, focusing on the technical stability of the data, with functional validation completed by the company itself. The EPI-USE Labs’ team supported them by highlighting areas to consider for the testing, to ensure all key high-risk areas were thoroughly identified and well tested.

We already had an existing relationship with EPI-USE Labs and were using Data Sync Manager in a test copy context. It made perfect sense to work with EPI-USE Labs and DSM for this project and they helped us save a considerable amount of time and costs.

Project Lead Architect for multi-national oil and gas company

The Outcome: Quick delivery at a much lower cost

The SAP landscape of the multi-national oil and gas company was successfully transformed to reflect the divested business, including the standalone new system in the cloud, and the company retained confidence in their data integrity.

To run this carve-out without disrupting the running business, the company made the decision to use a frozen backup of Production. This was then used to export only the relevant data to the target system.

SAP Landscape Transformation - export took seven hours, import four hours, much faster than a traditional process

The data was then handed over to the functional validators to check the data and wrap up the additional steps.

This was an exciting project to work on with EPI-USE Labs. The project was very successful, and delivered within the anticipated end-to-end timeframe. We were able to deliver this project in a very short period of time at a much lower cost than we have traditionally done.

Project Lead Architect for multi-national oil and gas company




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