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March 15, 2022
Written by Danielle Larocca

Senior Vice-President of HCM Solutions Danielle Larocca has worked in the SAP HCM space for over 20 years. An SAP Mentor and featured speaker at numerous conferences, Danielle has authored four best-selling books on SAP, is the Technical Editor for the SAP Professional Journal, and often the Voice of the Expert on SAPInsider’s Ask the Expert series for HR.

I have written quite a bit about reporting in SAP and SAP SuccessFactors. Today, I’m starting a new series on stories in SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics to get you excited about the solution and empower you to start using it.

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I have written quite a bit about reporting in SAP® and SAP® SuccessFactors®, including the recent blog Reporting in SAP HCM Payroll and SuccessFactors. There’s a heavy focus on what options you have and where you can go to learn more about each one. Today, I’m starting a new series on stories in SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics to get you excited about the solution, and empower you to start using it.

What are stories in SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics?

In late 2020, I published a blog that included my overview of the history of how stories in SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics evolved over the years. For this new series, I prefer to start fresh and jump right to what is available today. Stories in SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics is the go-to solution for SAP SuccessFactors reporting that fills the operational reporting niche so critical for HCM. Its design is based on the consolidation of many of the various legacy SAP SuccessFactors’ operational reporting tools into a single tool for reporting. Stories in SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics come FREE with any SAP SuccessFactors license, and SAP SuccessFactors’ customers can access it via the Report Center in SAP SuccessFactors.

Report templates and the Content Store

A good place to get started in your report stories education may be to start with the existing reports that are available as ‘templates’ via the Content Store (launched in December 2020). As of February 2022, there are approximately 60 templates to choose for various functional areas in SAP SuccessFactors including including Employee Central, Compensation planning, Time tracking, Global assignments and so on. You can download the full list of SAP SuccessFactors delivered templates from the SAP SuccessFactors Community Site, see List of Available Templates (valid SAP SuccessFactors Community ID required). Sample new templates added in 2021 include:


Benefits Enrollment Alternative Cost Distribution
Contingent Worker Analysis Open Workflow Requests
Disability Statistics - Germany Workflow Processing Statistics
Pension Overview Workflow Request Analysis
Turnover Analysis Data Quality Dashboard
I9 E-Verify Analysis My Team Dashboard
I9 Overdue Tasks  


How to download a template

A step-by-step guide (valid SAP SuccessFactors Community ID required) is available to walk you through downloading a template. You can follow the steps below:

Access the Report Center in SAP SuccessFactors by following the menu path Home -> Reporting

Report Center page

© Image Source EPI-USE Jeevan Sigdel
On the Report Center page, select the Import button highlighted below.
Import report
© Image Source EPI-USE Jeevan Sigdel
This page allows you to import either Local Files (a future blog) or templates from the Content Store. Select the Content Store option at the top of the screen to display a list of the templates available for you to download. You can use the search bar (top right) to find one of interest.
Content Store Page
© Image Source EPI-USE Jeevan Sigdel

For this example, the user was looking for a report template related to payment and the search results were limited to this criterion. 
Content payment_search Page
© Image Source EPI-USE Jeevan Sigdel
There is also a hyperlink where you can view more about the template, as shown below.

Payment information Page

© Image Source EPI-USE Jeevan Sigdel



You can access information about the template using these links, including Functional and Technical Documentation, and Suggestions and Ideas. When you have reviewed the selection, select the OK button to continue.
Import report page

© Image Source EPI-USE Jeevan Sigdel

Select the template of interest, followed by the Import button, to import the template into your instance. A disclaimer dialog box will appear, explaining that the template is generic and that it may require additional attention in order to make it work within your instance. Once you accept the disclaimer, you will see a message saying that the import is complete and you can select the OK button to return to the Report Center screen to locate your new template.

Note: If the imported report does not show in Report Center, please execute a ‘Sync Report Center Search’ job to refresh the Report Center listings. Details available in KBA 2353719 (valid SAP ID required).

Report center_reports page

© Image Source EPI-USE Jeevan Sigdel



From here, you can use the three dots to the right of the screen to run your report.

Report Center_Run report

© Image Source EPI-USE Jeevan Sigdel

Three pieces of advice to start your education on stories in SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics

  1. Start your education on stories in SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics in the SAP Help Portal SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics Directory (valid SAP IS required).
  2. Review the materials in the SAP Help Portal Template Stories Section (valid SAP is required) and take a look at the templates available using the instructions above, to see which might be a good fit for your organization. Many of the templates have been based on either customers’ popular requirements (Annual Compensation Analysis) or legal and regulatory requirements (Equal Employment Opportunity Template).
  3. If you want to learn more about the reporting options available to you, please download my free ebook on HCM and Payroll reporting options for SAP and SAP SuccessFactors.





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