Hybrid Reporting SAP HCM, Payroll and SAP SuccessFactors

For those customers running SAP SuccessFactors® Hybrid, Query Manager™ SuccessFactors Integration Add-on solves the challenge of live reporting on SAP® On-Premise HCM, Payroll and SAP SuccessFactors at the same time.




Report on integrated, live SAP and SuccessFactors data

As you journey from On-Premise SAP® to SuccessFactors®, you may find yourself in a Hybrid scenario, using some SAP and some SuccessFactors modules at the same time. With Query Manager, reporting on data from both systems at the same time is easy. The data is well organized and melded together for you. Data is read in real time with no duplication and, because Query Manager is an SAP-certified solution, it’s managed via strict SAP and SuccessFactors’ security protocols.

Live Payroll data


Include live Payroll data in your reports and analyses with Query Manager

Live Payroll data from On-Premise SAP Payroll or SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll is currently not included in the SAP and SuccessFactors reporting solutions. Although a limited amount of replicated data is available to Report Stories ‒ and SAP has it on its future Roadmap ‒ Query Manager is currently the only SAP S/4HANA-certified solution for live Payroll reporting.



Stay integrated with your existing Analytics and Planning tools with Query Manager

Query Manager also allows you to share your data within your larger Reporting, Analytics and Planning strategy, with prebuilt integration to SAP Analytics Cloud and other solutions (including Microsoft PowerBI, Tableau, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud) via the Query Manager Analytics Connector. To have an Intelligent HXM model for good decision making across your enterprise, you need live and secure integration between your various solutions.

HR Covid-19 report


Listed as the Partner data Source for SAP Analytics Cloud 

SAP Analytics Cloud is the future for reporting and analytics in SAP and its Intelligent Enterprise. Query Manager is specified as the Partner to provide SAP Analytics Cloud SAP On-Premise data, SAP Payroll data and Configuration data.

Data via Microsoft Excel


Operate and share your data via Microsoft Excel

You can refresh, analyze, share, and present your critical SAP HCM data on demand in Microsoft Excel. What is unique about this web app is that once you’ve built an Excel worksheet with all the formatting and formulas that you need, you can simply click a button to refresh your spreadsheet with live data from SAP. The Query Manager Microsoft Excel Add-on works with Excel for Mac, Windows and the Web.

QUERY MANAGER ADD-ONS  What is Query Manager?

Benefits and Features

Live, real-time hybrid reporting across SAP and SuccessFactors

You may have started your cloud journey with a Talent solution from SuccessFactors, while still using your On-premise SAP HR and Payroll. Query Manager makes it easy for you to access both, allowing you to report on employee data from the SAP database and recruitment data in SuccessFactors.

Compare legacy HR and Payroll data

When data is moved from one system to another, you need to ensure that it is accurate and consistent, without discrepancies. With this Add-on, you can perform a detailed comparison of the data between the two systems – including any mapping rules – in real time, to identify any mismatches easily.

Check for data replication errors

Query Manager SuccessFactors Integration Add-on can identify potential data replication errors between the multiple systems in a hybrid SAP SuccessFactors scenario. With streamlined navigation and user-friendly functions, you can execute pre-delivered content designed specifically for hybrid SAP SuccessFactors. Customers have the option to build their own reports, run the delivered ones, leverage the SAP SuccessFactors Integration Monitoring service option, or all of these.

Build formulas leveraging Excel-like functions

Our Add-on has a Formula Builder incorporating thousands of commands and combinations of commands, allowing you to report SAP data exactly as you want to. It supports most syntax and function equivalents in Microsoft Excel, with some additional features for an enhanced user experience.

Dynamic integration with Microsoft Excel

Refresh, analyze, share, and present your critical data on demand in Microsoft Excel. What is unique about this web app is that once you have built an Excel worksheet with all the formatting and formulas that you need, you can simply click a button to refresh your spreadsheet with live data.

Virtually any data source is available

Virtually any data source is available in Query Manager. Functional samples with delivered content include Personnel Administration, Organizational Management, Payroll and Time clusters, Benefits, Configuration Data, On-premise Talent Solutions and Financial Postings.