SAP HCM reporting soars at ZÜRICH AIRPORT

“Query Manager should be, in my opinion, part of the standard SAP HR solution.” – Anton Mayr, Head of Payroll, Zürich Airport


Zürich Airport is a listed company operating in a mixed economy on behalf of the federal government. It is the most important traffic and meeting hub in Switzerland.

The airport employs about 1600 people across four business segments and focuses on their core tasks, namely airport operator at home and abroad, operator of commercial centres, performance-orientated management and real estate development in Zürich.

Its business strategy and SAP implementation rest on three facets: economy, environment and society. This approach has enabled the airport to be competitive and credible and maintain sustainable growth. The airport operates under the constant pressures of capacity, complexity and noise.

  • Approximately 1600 people employed
  • Primary focus on four business segments:
    - Airport operations at home and abroad
    - Operator of commercial centres
    - Performance-orientated management
    - Real estate development in Zürich
  • Business strategy based on three facets:
    - Economy
    - Environment
    - Society
  • Ongoing pressures of capacity, complexity and noise

ZÜRICH AIRPORT's reporting challenges

It was essential to simplify a very complex and error-prone reporting scenario and cut down the time used for SAP HR report creation – a notoriously difficult and tangled process. They also needed greater employee empowerment enabling a greater ‘self-service’ element amongst employees.

zÜrich airport prefers qM for sap hcm reports

[fa icon="plus-square"] Error-prone, time-consuming reports
CHALLENGE - Continual need to edit reports

The SAP HCM landscape forms part of the SAP ERP landscape and includes personnel administration, payroll, time and organisational management. There are also further subsystems such as user management, corporate internet, mission planning tools and more. These are integrated into the system landscape. There was also no defined standard for the preparation of reports from the SAP system.
SOLUTION - Simple Maintenance

By using Query Manager HCM managers can create their own fully-customised reports – no outside help necessary. The solution also comes with a list of delivered reports which can be used as is or customised. This brings enormous flexibility and possibility to operational reporting. Two further benefits are the central management of reports and the means to distribute the workload across a wider employee base.

[fa icon="plus-square"] Managing Spreadsheets

CHALLENGE - Spreadsheet Complexity

Managing references in mulitple spreadsheets.

Query Manager does away with the need to pull data into Excel. This opens the door to self-service tools. Before Query Manager, SAP AdHoc Query, Wage Type Reporter and SAP standard reports with accounting records were used to evaluate data from the SAP HCM system. Obviously, this was complicated, laborious and time-consuming. The all-round flexibility and efficiency of Query Manager has completely transformed the way things are done and it is now possible to rapidly create ad hoc reports, ad hoc calculations or ad hoc statistics to comply with specific requests.
[fa icon="plus-square"] Expensive ABAP Reports

CHALLENGE - Expensive Development

Expensive ABAP reports with disappointing results.



Query Manager makes custom ABAP reports rarely necessary. Because of this Zürich Airport saved at least five days’ effort and cost per ABAP report.

Our Query Manager reports are ever-expanding and our preferred means of creating HCM reports

Anton Mayr, Head of Payroll | Zürich Airport




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Huge time savings
Flexibility when generating reports
Custom ABAP reports no longer necessary
Self-service reports for HR Manager
Less pressure on IT, e.g. Infoset customising eliminated
Central management of reports
Rapid implementation – less than a day
SAP authorisations are transferred
Only two days training necessary