Road to Migrating SAP to the Cloud -
Securing your platform


Wednesday, September 18th at 12:00 PM EST / 9:00 AM PST


Moving SAP to the Cloud or migrating to a new SAP platform such as HANA?

Many SAP customers are looking to move to the Cloud as their future innovation platform for HANA and S/4HANA, however security and data privacy concerns remain a major concern and potential blocker to moving to the Cloud. While the Cloud offers many advantages in efficiency, cost, and scale, the risks are large if it’s not done right. You need a plan to get clean and stay clean because nobody wants to be the next casualty at the top of the headlines.

EPI-USE Labs has partnered with leading cybersecurity and compliance pioneer Onapsis to provide complimentary SAP security and compliance solutions for our clients. These combined resources address the core concerns of cloud migration.

This joint webinar explains why you want to implement security in SAP early and why you can’t succeed with a ‘simple’ lift and shift when moving to the cloud. EPI-USE Labs and Onapsis walks you through applying the concept of a “get clean, stay clean” methodology, a proven mechanism for saving time and money.

Our experts will help you understand the scale of the task ahead when moving SAP to the Cloud or migrating to a new SAP platform such as HANA, explore which stakeholders should be involved, and show how engaging with experts such as EPI-USE Labs and Onapsis enables you to achieve your goals.

Come learn how to get and stay clean and lean.


About the presenter


Greg Kushmerek has been helping protect corporate data and build security postures for over a decade. As Senior Sales Engineer of Onapsis, he focuses on balancing security and compliance needs with the stability demands for companies with a substantial ERP presence.

About the presenter


Paul is responsible for our Cloud and Managed Services global portfolio at EPI-USE Labs, and has over 23 years of diverse SAP and IT experience. He has led various teams and initiatives in many different roles, and technology remains his core passion. Paul is based in Silicon Valley where he enjoys pushing the envelope of cloud for EPI-USE Labs.