Launching our Ultimate guide: SAP S/4HANA data and landscape management

December 15, 2022
Written by Paul Hammersley

Paul has been a remarkable technical force at EPI-USE Labs for many years. As SVP of the ALM Products, his portfolio includes System Landscape Optimization, Data Privacy and Archiving. He has extensive hands-on experience of implementing Data Sync Manager and helping clients to manage data across the breadth of their SAP landscapes.

Blog to launch Ultimate guide Hero ImageThe never-ending story

The first ever full steel bridge started construction in 1892, and spanned 2,5km across the Firth of Forth in Scotland. The landmark bridge was so vast – containing 54,000 tonnes of steel and 7 million rivets – that up until 2002, the maintenance team was famous for one specific task: painting. When they’d finished working their way across the bridge applying a new coat of paint, there was time for a quick cup of tea, and then it was back to the start to begin the next coat. That’s a hundred and ten years of continuous painting. 

A while back, I embarked on my own Forth Bridge: an Ultimate Guide to SAP data and landscape management. I won’t reveal how long it’s been in production, but it has been needing almost endless updates as the world of SAP changes… the last update being that SAP’s on-premise S/4HANA versioning will go to every other year, rather than being annual (if you didn’t know that, then I have just the read for you!). 

The problem of course being that once you attach the word ‘Ultimate’ to something, you are kind of committing to covering all the bases. So I will get my excuses in early; it was ‘Ultimate’, to the best of my knowledge (and ability), at a certain point in time (which is unspecified) subject to your interpretation of the words ‘Ultimate’, ‘SAP’, ‘Data’ and ‘Landscape’. 

But joking aside, I think it does bring together a lot of insight from a number of areas, with links to delve deeper where you wish to. So please take a look. And if you find glaring errors or omissions, then please pick up a proverbial paint brush, and drop me a line at

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