Securing your SAP payroll for 2023 and beyond

Thursday, 4 April , 2019 | 13:00 PM SAST / 12:00 BST


When it comes to integrating SAP Payroll with SuccessFactors Employee Central, there are many considerations to take into consideration. Deciding on the optimal path to SuccessFactors can be complex, but there is a solution that will take out the risk and accelerate your journey to ECP.

EPI-USE Labs has the expertise and tools to help you migrate your complete history to SuccessFactors' Employee Central Payroll (ECP), using a turnkey service called PRISM. Our PRISM Migration Service combines leading-edge SAP Landscape Transformation software with world-class SAP Payroll domain expertise. This solution will help you move your on-premise SAP Payroll to SuccessFactors’ Employee Central Payroll (ECP) quickly and easily, without requiring a full re-implementation.

In this 45-minute you'll learn how PRISM Migration Services can help you to:

  • Reduce your risk when moving to the new ECP payroll engine
  • Remove the need for payroll re-implementation
  • Prepare and transform HCM data for ECP migration
  • Learn about integration to EC and posting to FI
  • Build a hybrid reporting solution post go-live
About the presenter

Hilton Anspach | Senior Vice President | EPI-USE Labs

Hilton has over 20 years SAP experience built on a solid technical foundation. He started as an ABAP consultant and went on to spend 3 years working abroad. He joined EPI-USE when he returned to South Africa and broadened his HR functional skills. In 2008 he joined EPI-USE Labs to focus on product development, and became a product manager in the HCM product portfolio. Since 2011 he has been responsible for Labs business development in South Africa and the Middle East.

About the presenter

François Breed | Associate Partner | EPI-USE

François currently heads up Business Development for SAP HCM services for EPI-USE Africa in the Western Cape, South Africa. He started his careers as a technical consultant in 2003 specializing in Human Capital Management focusing on Personnel Administration, Organizational Management and Payroll.  During 2010 he took on the role of Associate Manager and moved over to client services in 2014. He graduated in Computer Science and Information Systems.