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Global service provider cuts system size by 88% and secures sensitive data

System Builder™ and Client Sync™ cut ERP system by 88%, and Data Secure™ masks sensitive data for GDPR compliance

The EPI-USE Labs products were used for sanitising full copies of production and creating trimmed-down versions of test environments. Both deliverables were on the critical path to subsequent phases of the project – therefore timely and accurate delivery was of paramount importance. This highlighted the need for professional engagement, above and beyond the limited skills that we had in-house.

Independent consultant, Global Service Provider


Our client's journey


The challenge: Securing QA to be GDPR compliant and reducing footprint

Our client is a renowned service provider operating around the world, with over 50,000 employees. They faced three main challenges:

  • Securing their QA environments to achieve GDPR compliance
  • Masking the SRM and ECC systems consistently so that test data is accurate
  • Reducing the data footprint in the QA environment, making it more cost-effective to migrate to the Cloud in the future
The solution: Data Sync Manager™ suite to mask, refresh and reduce size

Using EPI-USE Labs’ Data Secure™, this global service provider can now mask sensitive data and protect identifiable information.

They implemented Data Secure for the cross-masking of ECC and SRM systems and are able to consistently mask the data between the two environments. A Business Partner in the SRM system gets the same value as the corresponding Vendor in the ERP system.

EPI-USE Labs worked closely with our client to identify the best solution to define and build customised policies to mask identifiable data – customers, vendors, business partners, employees – in non-production environments.

We also used System Builder™ and Client Sync™ (part of the Data Sync Manager suite) to refresh the QA environment in ERP and SRM. System Builder was used to create a new system shell, with a time-slice of only 18 months copied across, significantly reducing the size of the system. EPI-USE Labs carried out the refresh over a weekend to avoid downtime on the production environment.

The EPI-USE Labs team was able to fit into the project delivery model and embed themselves into the working team very quickly, without any disruption. They had the right energy and were also effective in managing us. We knew our desired outcome, but weren’t too sure how to define our requirements for the solution. The team engaged early on, and appreciated that requirement definition was a two-way process, key to the success of any deliverable.

Independent consultant, Global Service Provider

Data security and smaller, refreshed system

Benefits for security:

  • Non-production is masked for GDPR compliance
  • Lower data risk with masking
  • A non-production environment in line with SAP privacy standards and recommendations
  • Consistent test data between SRM and ERP

Benefits for data footprint:

  • Reduced disk space for QA environment
  • Consistent test data across SRM and ERP
  • QA system aligned with production for effective testing

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EPI-USE Labs brought a set of proven skills to the table which also enabled us to understand complexities that we didn’t fully appreciate from the outset. We would not have been successful without the experience, energy and commitment of the EPI-USE Labs consulting team.

Independent consultant, Global Service Provider




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