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How have we helped to transform SAP landscapes after business change?

In business, change is inevitable, and 2020 brought even more changes than could be imagined. The global pandemic resulted in lockdowns in many countries around the world, meaning many businesses had to adapt to working remotely, furloughing staff, and more.


Business changes such as mergers, acquisitions, regional to global transitions and subsidiary sales can affect your entire SAP production landscape. These events are complex, critical and time-sensitive; your data may need to be merged, carved out or split up. EPI-USE Labs offers powerful solutions, experienced people and proven methodologies to help you keep ahead of the game. We specialise in extracting the right data and migrating it rapidly, to enable the transformation of your SAP Landscape.


Our System Landscape Optimization (SLO) team, using a specially enabled version of the Data Sync Manager (DSM) product suite, implements these changes drawing on a 'bank' of expertise and intellectual capital. Our experienced consultants will oversee the technical phases of the project, dealing with all the inherent complexities. More importantly, our technology-driven approach can significantly reduce the end-to-end project duration.

Overview of projects

Although recent times have brought a unique challenge with remote working, the SLO team has been able to
successfully deliver projects based on the time-lines required by our clients.

time line-22-22


Transforming SAP landscapes

Find out more about a diverse selection of our recent successful SLO projects.

innogy -24
  SEPT 2019 to FEB 2020


Data clean-up and GDPR reporting in SAP IS-U environment.
Mass redaction of two million Business Partners from ISU, linked CRM and smart metering systems. Also enabled the Innogy team by delivering a retention report for future use and ongoing business-as-usual runs.

Innogy_icons -19

Agfa -22
  JAN 2020 to APRIL 2020


Internal carve-out of five company codes within the same environment.
The five company codes for the carve-out were linked in a complex set of ERP and CRM systems."Communication is key: overall we had a good experience." Erik Bollens, Agfa
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AGFA_iconss -17

P&O Reyser
 APRIL 2020 to AUG 2020

P&O Reyser

Carve-out of P&O Reyser from Berge.
After a divestiture of P&O Reyser from Bergé, a new SAP system with all of P&O Reyser's data needed to be created to give them independence from the previous group.
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  APRIL 2020 to JULY 2020


Carve-out data of Avara business for AstraZeneca Reims production
The source system was located in the USA and the carved out data was moved to Sweden. A key consideration was that the data was very business sensitive.


Security Company
  MAY 2020 to JULY 2020

Security Company

Selling of Belgium business along with employee data (all history)
Part of a larger project to sell off parts of the operations. A piece of the Belgian business was sold concurrently. The system contained ERP and HR data, increasing the importance of protecting data for GDPR compliance.

SecurityCompany -01

Home Appliance Company
  MAY 2020 to NOV 2020

Home Appliance Company

Decentralisation project to create an independent data framework for Asia Pacific
Part of a worldwide project to own the SAP instance locally based on the European mother company system. Only Customising and some Master Data was copied, and connected to the Master Data Governance to inject the relevant Master Data later.


  MAY 2020 to DEC 2020 (* APR 21)


Mexican data split for local buying
The source system was a large SAP Retail installation. Only the data pertaining to the Mexican business had to be carved out to be provided to a local buyer.

* project postponed due to business change.

Energy Company
  JUN 2020 to NOV 2020

Energy Company

GDPR application of the law
To comply with GDPR, our client needed to anonymise outdated customer data in Production, performed for very large SAP IS-U and CRM systems.

timeline -22-22-15

web_tiles -08
  SEP 2020 to JAN 2021

Travel Company

Carve out international business data as part of sale to a fund
Our client needed to carve out a part of the business data for a division that was due to be sold. Project within an S/4HANA environment.


International Bakery
 OCT 2020 to APR 2021

International Bakery

Food products (ingredients and products) to be sold off and split for different buyers
Complex nine systems carve-out (ERP, SRM, CRM), where some businesses were retained and others sold off. A combination of master data only, stock clean up and data merge was performed.


Pharmaceutical company
  NOV 2020 to JAN 2021

Pharmaceutical company

Splitting and transforming the data from one production (plant) to a new system
Shifting data from one company code to another within the same system.  Also leveraging SAP Sub-enterprise structures, within a 14-week timeline and four trial runs.

Pharmaceutical Company-27


SAP System Landscape Optimization (SLO) are complex. 
We have the experience and experts to streamline your project.

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