The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is the world's leading public service broadcaster creating distinctive, world-class programmes and content for millions of people around the world. Query Manager, Document Builder and Data Sync Manager have brought huge benefits to the BBC.

"With Query Manager, it’s like Steve Jobs said - ‘It just works’. It does exactly what you want it to do. It is a reporting tool, but it has additional functionality that standard SAP reporting tools don’t have.."

- Gary Midgely, BBC

"Document Builder has been our biggest win, to be honest. Our letters generate on-screen for our HR and Shared Services colleagues. So once they have administered an action in SAP, they can generate the letter via Query Manager and Document Builder, and they can go through it on screen and check exactly what is there. They are then very clear that what is shown on the PDF is exactly what is in SAP. They can also very easily rectify any mistakes."

- Chris Layton, BBC


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