The HCM Productivity Suite consists of Query Manager with Document Builder, Variance Monitor, and Data Sync Manager (DSM) for HCM. Compass Group UK's benefits from using the suite include:

  • With Data Sync Manager for HCM, the business can copy payroll data for any number of employees, saving time and the effort of manually recreating data
  • They can copy subsets of Employees, or larger sets that meet all the businesses’ terms and conditions
  • With Variance Monitor, they can compare all wage type data between Production and Test systems in a repeatable process
  • Easier comparisons; only compare the data that is relevant to the test plan, such as Gross, Net Pay.

Using the EPI-USE Labs HCM Productivity Suite, Compass Group UK can create scrambled data in their testing environments, and then apply the necessary support packages. Once this is done, they can then run the Payrolls and use Variance Monitor to compare the wage type data to ensure it balances. They then move the support packages into their Production system. Their business gets considerable benefits from this process in terms of time and cost savings, reduced risk and increased security.

“Variance Monitor, along with Data Sync Manager provides us with a robust and secure regression testing strategy for our employee data.”

David Hall, Head Of Business Solutions at Compass Group UK & Ireland


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