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First-class solution for the University of Cape Town during COVID-19

"When we discovered Query Manager with Document Builder, we realised that we would solve not just one problem but a whole lot more."


The University of Cape Town

With almost 28,000 students and over 4,000 staff, the University of Cape Town (UCT) is an inclusive and engaged research-intensive South African university that inspires creativity through:

  • Outstanding achievements in learning, discovery and citizenship
  • Enhancing the lives of its students and staff
  • Influencing the global higher education landscape


University challenge: Finding better ways to communicate with staff

Due to the nature of its business and external funding, the university has many types of short-term employment contracts. To assist with this issue, UCT started looking for a product that would solve the problem of the large numbers of letters required to communicate with staff.
The university also faced other challenges, including the audit reporting of what information goes to who, and why. When they discovered Query Manager with Document Builder, they realised that EPI-USE Labs could solve not just one problem, but many more.


I would definitely recommend Query Manager to other companies. The tool allows for the development of bulk automated emails without having to pay for an ABAP consultant. When small or big changes are needed, these can be done quickly and effortlessly. The tool can be used to solve all your reporting needs as it is not limited to a specific module; you can combine OM with PA and PY all in one easy step.

Siobhan Evans, HR Systems Manager, UCT

Training and support throughout COVID-19 pandemic

With Query Manager installed, UCT now has a long list of queries and documents that it is building and disseminating. The client can now build a query, test it immediately and then fix it straight away. This responsiveness is extremely valuable. It means the business units receive reports much more quickly than if an ABAP programme were to be created, transported, tested, fixed, transported and tested repeatedly to achieve the desired result.

Getting Query Manager up and running during the COVID-19 pandemic was quick and easy for the university. It had the added benefit of having access to the EPI-USE Labs’ Client Central portal, with pre-configured reports to download and knowledge-base articles.

Because of COVID-19, EPI-USE Labs provided all training remotely. The university had eight participants on the two-week course. They found the online training course comprehensive and clear, allowing them to start using the product without on-site support. The training provided insight into the product, allowing participants to initiate and specify business requirements, while simplifying their day-to-day repetitive tasks.

It gave the trainees time to address their own specific business needs in the scenarios presented. Three of these users have access to build queries, emails and documents on the live instance.

UCT has been very positive about EPI-USE Labs’ immediate and responsive support during the training period and post go-live.

Examples of how UCT is using Query Manager
  • Monthly emails with Excel spreadsheets to line managers, detailing staff who report to them, their cost of employment and payroll expenses
  • Emails to foreign staff reminding them about passports and work visas due to expire
  • Emails to staff advising them of AA88 deductions from their pay and the steps to follow for SARS assistance
  • CATS database query detailing outstanding hours sent to Time Administrators every morning and to line managers weekly, saving the costs of developing an ABAP report

UCT benefits: Bulk automated emails, consistent messaging, effortless changes

UCT has reaped many benefits by using Query Manager:

  • The tool allows the university to produce bulk automated emails without having to pay for an ABAP consultant.
  • When changes – big or small – are needed, these can be done quickly and effortlessly.
  • It can be used to solve all reporting needs and is not limited to a specific module.
  • During COVID-19 with HR staff working from home, the tool gave a consistent message to managers.
  • The audit log is an asset when help calls are logged, providing evidence that reports have been emailed.
  • Password protection on Excel spreadsheets with personal information is an essential feature.
  • It provides templates and audit logs to a professional standard, direct from SAP.

UCT benefits


Sometimes when providing specifications for a developer, only when you see the completed product do you realise that your request was incomplete or doesn’t meet the business needs. This is not the case with Query Manager, the evidence of your development is immediate with its testing functionality available

Siobhan Evans, HR Systems Manager, UCT




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Huge time savings
Flexibility when generating reports
Custom ABAP reports no longer necessary
Self-service reports for HR Manager
Less pressure on IT, e.g. Infoset customising eliminated
Central management of reports
Rapid implementation – less than a day
SAP authorisations are transferred
Only two days training necessary