Users have always been able to complete tasks using SAP products, but as technology evolved this wasn't sufficient as users began to expect more. Everyone is familiar with the standard on-premise SAP GUI experience, it's pretty basic and functional and not very visually stunning or interactive. In 2013, SAP adapted and created a user experience to allow users to complete the same tasks in a more user friendly and pleasing way. This is one example of SAP Fiori.

Now Fiori mainly refers to the user experience specifications and the set of business applications that adhere to these guidelines. Essentially it enables SAP applications to be used on desktop computers, tablets and smartphones. It's the last part that is the important one. Fiori makes it possible for you to execute and view your SAP data outside SAP via your browser.

Before the launch of Fiori, if you wanted to run an SAP report, you would need to log onto your SAP system and execute the transaction within SAP to produce the report. With the advent of Fiori, you no longer have to go to your computer and log into your SAP instance and access the transaction. You can simply access the report via an Html 5 enabled browser, on you pc, smartphone or tablet. When you do, not only will the report look better in the Fiori technology, it will also give you the ability to react to your report data for a more meaningful interpretation or visual experience by creating charts for example, live in your browser from SAP on-premise HCM data.

I encourage you to review our website to learn more about how Fiori is leveraged in our Query Manager solution. As always, feel free to reach out to me with questions. Thank you.

The Query Manager Fiori interface allows you to access your reports from anywhere - you don’t have to be logged into a computer with SAP GUI installed. You can run and process reports from web browsers, mobile devices, self-service portals, HR Renewal portals or even from within SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central.

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