Data Sync Manager™ for HCM

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Enjoy convenient, secure copying of SAP® HCM data

How do you solve the challenge of ensuring access to HCM production data in non-production systems for testing, training and support?

Data Sync Manager™ (DSM) for HCM empowers all levels of SAP® users - and solves this challenge. DSM gives you the data you need, when you need it. This SAP-certified solution allows you to select and transfer specific HCM data objects easily and accurately, as needed, and to mask sensitive data for confidentiality, security and governance compliance.

With DSM, you can copy subsets of SAP client and test data with Client Sync™ or selected object data with Object Sync™. DSM was developed for SAP ERP (including HCM, FI and LO), SRM, CRM, SCM, GTS and BW.


You’re in charge: flexible selection and copy of data and objects

With Object Sync for HCM, you can select any HCM master data (such as employee data) or movement data (such as billing results) and copy this to a non-production target client. You can also copy basic business objects, such as user master and report variant data. Optional encryption conversions allow the protection of sensitive data.

As data is copied as needed, non-production systems can be kept up-to-date, which is more efficient for test, training and support purposes.

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Configurable, consistent masking of sensitive data

Data protection is crucial to HCM systems because of the sensitivity of personal data. An integral part of DSM 5 for HCM is Data Secure™, which scrambles all HCM data intelligently and consistently across the landscape, according to masking rules. Download masking rules from our online user community, extend as needed, and apply during Syncs or to scramble data in place. This ensures that your data conforms to data protection standards.

No delays in obtaining testing or training data

No more manual recreation of testing and training data. With DSM for HCM, you can copy or clone Employee or HR Planning data, giving you up-to-date, valid production data for testing, or for simulated environments to use in training. You can refresh data easily and regularly.

Precise selection to avoid downtime

You can define templates to regulate how users access the data. Since users can select and copy the exact data they need, there are no system interruptions and the Basis team can focus on other important tasks.

Accelerated copying of Organisation data

With HR Planning Mass Copy, easily accessed from the Launchpad, you can copy Personnel Planning data for selected or all PD object types at once. This functionality is optimised for copying large data-sets.

Real, accurate data for reliable testing

Over many years, we have built up a library of business object definitions, which incorporates our in-depth understanding of SAP data structures. So DSM for HCM moves data consistently and intelligently, ensuring the transfer of all relevant data, with all links intact.

Data Sync Manager is part of EPI-USE Labs’ Data Sync Manager suite. It can be used as an independent solution, or together with other products of the DSM suite.

Your company may want to copy only SAP HCM data. EPI-USE Labs also offers a special version of Data Sync Manager, which migrates data from the HCM module only. With this version, all functions of DSM are available, but you can only access HCM data.

EPI-USE Labs also provides numerous conversion options that cover the most common encryption requirements. There is no need for development. If necessary, you can expand conversions to suit your needs.