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Variance Monitor ™

Highlights variances in HCM data

Let us face the facts.

Human Capital Management data never stops changing. This makes it difficult to compare HR and Payroll data from one period with that of another, and adds costs you never expected. Manual comparisons are not the answer. They waste time, are error-prone and by no means audit-proof.

Just when you thought it couldn't get worse...

Your stress increases if comparisons occur when upgrading, during new implementations or when checking payroll and time data. All this involves large amounts of data, so speed and accuracy are essential. To top it all, audit compliance requirements (such as Sarbanes-Oxley) mean you need to be able to set tolerances and define your analysis.

Now the good news!

Variance Monitor™ offers you the kind of power and control you need to highlight variances in SAP HCM data. The good news is that it's automated and easy to use. You simply set tolerance levels or specify tables and fields, and comparisons for payroll, time, master data and FI postings become painless. Importantly, period to period comparisons and the testing of Support Packs are easy and absolutely accurate. VM also detects "null" values and comes with the free sample comparisons.

Easy, streamlined, reliable

You'll use up to 70% less time because variances are highlighted (i.e. matches are simply ignored.)

Variance Monitor benefits in a nutshell

  • Highlights variances in HCM data.
  • Easy comparisons of payroll and time, master and FI postings data.
  • Accelerates period-to-period auditing.
  • Highlights discrepancies only – ignores matches.
  • Enhances testing of upgrades, Support Packs and new business rules and policy changes.
  • Compare with legacy data when implementing SAP for the first time.
  • Free sample comparisons.
  • Picks up discrepancies instantly and saves you money.
  • Accurate, fast, versatile.
  • Re-usability – design once, use often.

Easy comparisonsFast resolutionsEnhanced testing

Supported SAP releases: 4.7x110, 4.7x200, ECC5 (ERP2004), ECC6 (ERP2005) up to and including the latest EhP.


Can VM help when we introduce new business rules?

Yes – being able to check both the positive and negative effects of configuration changes is exactly what VM will help with. Rather than testing five or six records manually, VM will automate the process and test hundreds of records. For example, if you have introduced a pay increase of 2.5%, you can build the rule to indicate when someone is getting more or less than this.

I wish I could check the differences before the live payroll run ...

You can – use VM to test data using simulated results, which will give you an early warning. Alternatively, if you run multiple runs in the payroll process and want to be able to see what has changed between runs, take a snapshot of the first run and use VM to compare it with the second run.

How can I test the effect of support packs?

You can either compare results between the lower and higher SP systems directly, or you can take a snapshot of the "before" results and save them to file. Then, after loading the support packs, you simply compare the new results with the file.