Cryptographic Library


Native ABAP Library

Data Security and protection of Intellectual property has become a necessity in the digital world. The software industry have settled on a number of security standards to protect against cyber attacks, namely AES and RSA. These standards are freely available for use in development projects outside of the SAP environment, but there is no pre-delivered ABAP component that provides this functionality to SAP customers. Until now.

Key capabilities

ABAP Code Obfuscation (hiding)

Prevent unauthorized access to your ABAP code, by obfuscating sensitive methods. Our solution allows the ABAPruntimeaccess to the original code, but dummy code will be shown in development environment and ABAP debuggers. Source code is digitally signed during transport creation and verified before activation to ensure no tampering has been made.

AES symmetric block encryption

Offers the ability to encrypt and decrypt based on pass phrases. Key sizes supported are 128, 192, 256.


RSA asymmentric key encryption (Private/Public key support)

Our library offers the following capabilities:

  • Encryption/Decryption
  • Signing of data streams
  • Generation of key pairs
  • Saving and loading of PEM format files including X.509 Certificates and encrypted Private key and PEM files