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By Danielle Larocca
Danielle Larocca

Senior Vice-President of HCM Solutions Danielle Larocca has worked in the SAP HCM space for over 20 years. An SAP Mentor and featured speaker at numerous conferences, Danielle has authored four best-selling books on SAP, is the Technical Editor for the SAP Professional Journal, and often the Voice of the Expert on SAPInsider’s Ask the Expert series for HR.

Written on Oct 21, 2019 11:21:06 AM

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If you are an SAP SuccessFactors customer, it’s likely that you have heard that the future of all reporting for Human Capital Management is via SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics. The picture below gives you a look at where People Analytics fits within the overall strategy for the Intelligent Enterprise, and you can read more in this blog, including what I learned at last month’s annual SAP SuccessConnect conference.

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If you are curious about the journey of reporting from on-premise SAP HCM to People Analytics, feel free to check out the blog The Road to People Analytics. If you wish to learn all about the various editions of People Analytics and which tools they evolved from, please download my free ebook titled What is SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics?

For those of you already excited about People Analytics, I will share what I learned at last month’s annual SAP SuccessConnect conference on the topic.

Gain Better Business Insight with SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics: Overview and Road Map

I had the pleasure of attending the SAP SuccessFactors’ session titled ‘Gain Better Business Insight with SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics: Overview and Roadmap’ delivered by Rob Wood and Kim Lessley. In this, they shared the Roadmap for each of the People Analytics editions; Embedded, Advanced and Planning, as shown in the picture below.

SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics

Focusing on the Embedded Edition

Their update began with the Embedded Edition, which is the solution for SuccessFactors reporting that comes free with your purchase of a SuccessFactors module. The Embedded Edition is designed based on a single transactional data model accessible via the Report Center in SAP SuccessFactors scheduled for General Availability in Q4 2019.

This edition includes the consolidation of the previously used front-end reporting tools (ORD, Ad hoc, BIRT, Tiles etc.) leveraging the Report Center, see here. Dates to keep in mind for the Embedded Edition have to do with the availability of the tools and reports created with them that are being sunset. As originally announced, these dates are:

  • General Availability (GA) of the Embedded Edition scheduled for Q4 2019
  • +12 months from the GA date; customers can not create NEW reports with the tools; they can however still execute and edit the reports
  • +24 months from the GA date; customers can still execute reports, however they are not able to edit them any longer
  • +36 months from the GA Date; the Legacy tools are scheduled to be sunset. 

During this session, SAP SuccessFactors shared the functional areas and modules that are scheduled to be included upon General Availability release, those planned for future development and which are not currently planned, as detailed in the table below.


For those who wish to report on data that is not available today or data that is not scheduled for inclusion at release, like Payroll reporting or On premise HCM data, as noted in red text in the table above, customers can continue to leverage Query Manager.

Query Manager is the SAP-certified solution for real time reporting, that runs on ECC and S/4HANA and can be used for reporting on both SAP Payroll and SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll data today.

You can see that the Query Manager solution from EPI-USE Labs is now listed on SAP Analytics Cloud Data Sources slide for SAP Payroll, Payroll configuration and SAP On Premise reporting (see bottom right).

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If you wish to learn more about Payroll reporting in SAP or SuccessFactors please feel free to reach out to me directly at

You can also download the free list of Payroll Reports that come with Query Manager.

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