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sap certified

SAP-certified: Used by thousands of clients

save time

Save time: Automation speeds up processes

cut costs

Cut costs: Achieve a high ROI in a short timeframe


Robust: Agile testing = optimum functionality

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Client focus: Meeting clients’ changing needs

Get the most out of your SAP investment

Optimize the performance, security and management of your SAP® and SAP SuccessFactors® systems with our SAP-certified software. Developed by experts in SAP, our software is robust, streamlines your operations, and saves you time and costs. Our consultants have an impressive track record of getting our clients up to speed with their selected software, and then supporting them throughout their product journey.

Join more than 1,350 clients who benefit from our expertise. Our software is not only at the cutting-edge of technological advancement, but is aligned with our clients’ changing needs. We listen to our clients’ feedback, and spend around 23% of our revenue on Research and Development (R&D). This means we develop superior products, and provide ongoing updates.

A selection of our top software is featured here:
  • Optimize your SAP landscape with our flagship Data Sync Manager (DSM) Suite for fast, effective, secure test data management, and Archive Central for easy access to historical data.
  • Simplify your SAP security, privacy and compliance with our innovative Data Privacy Suite for SAP, providing proactive, targeted solutions for data privacy compliance; Soterion for Access Risk Management and Cenoti for Splunk visibility.
  • Maximise your SAP HCM/HXM and Payroll investment with our comprehensive HCM/HXM Productivity Suite, including our powerful Query Manager reporting software for SAP and SAP SuccessFactors.

Optimize your SAP landscape

test systems

Shrink your test systems by 75% with lean, fit for purpose clients

reduce workload

Reduce your manual workload

mask data

Mask sensitive data on exit, enabling fast secure sync to the cloud

increase scrambling

Increase scrambling coverage by 80%

speed up testing

Speed up your testing by up to 90%


Data Sync Manager Suite

Solve all your SAP test data & scrambling needs

EPI-USE Labs’ Data Sync ManagerTM (DSM) software suite is a complete landscape optimisation solution and is the simplest, most effective way to copy and mask data between and within any SAP ABAP stack landscape (such as ERP, CRM or BW). Data Sync Manager is certified by SAP for 'Integration with SAP S/4HANA®' and 'Integration with SAP S/4HANA Cloud®'. DSM5 also 'works with RISE with SAP'.


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DSM: System Builder/Shell Sync
Build a new system shell quickly

System Builder™ creates a new non-production system shell, without any application data. The repository is the same as production, but without the production client. For S/4HANA, Shell Sync™ aligns the target repository with the source.

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DSM: Client Sync
High-performance client copying

Client Sync™ creates lean, fully functional SAP clients with reduced footprints that are fully functional; an alternative to a full system refresh. Include transactional document flows to preserve integrity. 

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DSM: Object Sync
Reliable test data when you need it

Object Sync™ allows functional users to copy specific data scenarios, on demand, with complete data integrity, from any system to another. Use Object Sync to add real, accurate data from production as required.

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DSM: Data Secure
Protect your sensitive data

Data Secure is a comprehensive protection solution that comes with pre-defined masking rules, so you can scramble any non-key field in any client-dependent SAP table in different ways.

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Archive Central

Archive Central

Sunset SAP applications and retain secure, role-based access to your data

Archive Central™ is a role-based, secure web solution to give business users access to historical data for queries, reporting and comparisons. Import your legacy data into a secure, searchable repository. Encrypt sensitive information such as PII for security and regulatory compliance. 

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Simplify your SAP security, privacy and compliance


Discover 100% of SAP Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

subject access

Simplify Subject Access Requests (SARs) for data

buisness intelligence

Proactively remove PII data; retain business intelligence

data anonymisation

Consistent, cross-appliance data anonymisation

scrambling policies

Standard SAP scrambling policies provided


Data Privacy Suite for SAP solutions

Comply with global data privacy legislation

EPI-USE Labs’ Data Privacy Suite for SAP solutions is a data privacy and compliance solution which helps companies with SAP systems comply with legislation like GDPR (the General Data Protection Regulation) and other data privacy legislation. It's built on a solid foundation of existing technology and Intellectual Property (IP).




Data Disclose
Instant reporting tool for highlighting sensitive data

With Data Disclose™, you can instantly search an SAP landscape to locate, retrieve and present a subject’s data footprint with an encrypted pdf download. 

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Data Redact
Intelligently redact sensitive data in your SAP systems

With Data Redact™, sensitive or identifying fields are altered, or cleared, without removing the whole record; referential integrity is not at risk. 

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Data retain

Data Retain
Rule framework for periodic redaction of sensitive data

Data Retain™ proactively finds data subjects for redaction based on flexible rules. It can be executed ad hoc or automatically scheduled to run periodically.

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Data Secure
Get control of sensitive data, comply with data privacy legislation

Data Secure enables your company to meet all well-known data privacy and protection regulations, such as GDPR, CCPA and POPI.

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Soterion solutions

Business-centric Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) for SAP

To solve access risk around GRC challenges, EPI-USE Labs has partnered with Soterion. Assess, update and maintain roles and authorisations in a cost-effective and intuitive way.

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Cenoti (Connect SAP with Splunk)

Get complete Splunk visibility and illuminate your SAP data

Eliminate your security blind spots. Our pre-built alerting framework is delivered directly out of your SAP systems into your Splunk workspace.

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Maximise your SAP HCM/HXM and payroll investment 


250+ ready-to-use pre-delivered reports

creation time

80% reduction in report creation time

Manual comparison

Automate comparisons: save up to 70% in time

Testing process

Testing process: up to 30x faster

data accuracy

Compare masses of data: 100% accuracy


HCM Productivity Suite

Achieve maximum ROI for your SAP HCM investment

Get critical HR data with real-time reporting in SAP and SuccessFactors. Accurately highlight variances in HR, Payroll and Time data sets. Include valid, secured SAP data in non-production systems and more. Our comprehensive HCM Productivity Suite™ brings you a wide range of benefits for both on-premises and SAP SuccessFactors.





Query Manager
Simplify SAP HCM/HXM and Payroll operational reporting

Query Manager™ is a powerful solution that solves your SAP HCM reporting challenges. Access your data from a single solution in SAP, create professional reports and documents, and streamline business HCM reporting. 

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Document Builder
Generate professional, richly-formatted documents for SAP HCM

With Document Builder™, you can create richly formatted letters, documents, reports and visualizations for automated distribution. Design professional HR documents, live from your SAP HCM system. 

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Variance Monitor
Highlight variances in SAP HCM data automatically

With Variance Monitor™, you can compare HR and Payroll data between systems and across periods. Eliminate manual comparisons, speed up processes and enable managers and test teams to be more productive. 

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Enjoy flexible, secure data copying and scrambling

DSM™ for HCM allows you to select and transfer specific HCM data objects easily and accurately, as needed, and to mask sensitive data for security and governance compliance.

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Query Manager Add-ons

Get the most out of your SAP-certified Query Manager solution

With the Query Manager Add-ons, you can maximise your investment in the SAP-certified Query Manager™ solution, both on-premises and in SAP SuccessFactors.

  • Query Manager SuccessFactors Integration Add-on: Easily report across both on-premises SAP and SAP SuccessFactors
  • Query Manager Microsoft Excel Add-on: Work with your data in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
  • Query Manager Analytics Connector Add-on: Feed data into your analytics system
  • Query Manager Fiori Add-on: Create charts and graphs for interaction, drilldown and analysis.
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With Query Manager, it’s like Steve Jobs said - ‘It just works’. It does exactly what you want it to do. It is a reporting tool, but it has additional functionality that standard SAP reporting tools don’t have.

Gary Midgely

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