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This is SAP® data privacy and security for people. Automate, control and monitor your data security and data privacy.

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Develop and manage professional,
effective SAP security

With EPI-USE Labs, you have a full data security and privacy compliance team by your side.


Expertly manage your data privacy compliance

Make sense of complex compliance requirements. Get a bird's-eye view of critical compliance issues and responses.

Unlock your SAP data for Splunk®

Access a wealth of SAP data and leverage the power of Splunk® to secure and monitor attacks across SAP systems.

Accurately identify system vulnerabilities

Get clear and accurate insights on your system risks with in-depth penetration test results on three tiers: basic, black-box, and white-box.

Simplify data scrambling and masking

Actively reduce your risk of data leakage by implementing industry-specific scrambling policies, without the complexity.

Intelligently redact and archive data records

Take an intelligent approach to archiving and redacting data in your SAP production system, while keeping all relationships intact.

Securely encrypt data in transit and at rest

Implement up to 256-bit encryption on your communications and data at rest. Protect sensitive information from prying eyes.

Secure your SAP systems with proven solutions

Redact historical sensitive data

Comply with strict data privacy laws by finding and redacting historical sensitive data across disparate tables.

Mask test data intelligently

Get real data in your test systems without the risk of exposing sensitive information.

Automate data retention policies

Execute retention policies automatically for different data types across different systems in your SAP system.

Automate Subject Access Requests

Save time and retain more control over access requests to your SAP system.

Test systems for vulnerabilities

Use insights from three-tiered penetration testing results to develop relevant policies and procedures.


All the security you'll need

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Excellent SAP data security tools. Now with added experts.



Evaluate current privacy and security landscape.


Design and scope an implementation approach.


Build, test & transform appropriate systems and processes.

Go Live

Activate all functionality and monitoring systems.


Receive ongoing security support and training.


Get effective SAP data privacy and security without disruption

Automate your data risk management with the support of a team of experts.

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How we helped others

Data Secure allows us to meet all the regulations. We now have a smaller test system with encrypted data that prevents insider trading.

Mike Ellis, Software Development Technical Manager, Edwards

We wanted to be 100% confident that all sensitive data was masked. We needed a product that would remove the manual effort, allow us to schedule jobs and enable us to comply with regulations. That product proved to be Data Secure.

Jan Huizinga, Technical consultant, Rabobank

Thanks to Data Secure, we can anonymize all sensitive SAP HCM data, such as employee-related data, in a very short time.

Malte Podszus, Consultant FI/CO/HR, MAPA

The new Data Secure worked perfectly to scramble data consistently between our systems. The team that was involved with the product setup and support was very knowledgeable.

Jan Huizinga, Technical consultant, Rabobank

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