Work with your live SAP HCM and Payroll data inside Microsoft Excel

Thursday, 23 May 2019  | 11:00 AM BST | 12:00 CEST | 12:00 SAST

Do you like working with your data in Microsoft Excel?

With Query Manager’s Microsoft Plug-in, you can refresh, analyse, share, and present your critical SAP HCM data, live in Microsoft Excel. What is unique about this web app is that once you have built an Excel worksheet with all the formatting and formulas that you need, you can simply click a button to refresh your spreadsheet with live data from SAP. This functionality, which is delivered with Query Manager 4, allows you to automate your Excel reports; no more uploading and downloading data between systems. It also negates the need to send the latest copy of data to recipients; they can simply open up their Microsoft Excel and click the "Refresh" button to see the latest live data from your SAP system. The Microsoft Plug-In works with Excel for Mac, Excel for Windows and Excel for the Web.

In this webinar find out how to:

  • Refresh SAP data in one click, enabling you to automatically fetch the latest data from all the different Queries
  • Work with SAP reports and manipulate data leveraging Excel functionality including pivot tables, colour formatting, charts, graphs etc – using live SAP HCM data
  • Add more than one query to the same Excel Workbook
About the presenter

Eben de Lange | Lead Developer, Query Manager | EPI-USE Labs

Eben de Lange is head of  the Enterprise Information Management product line at EPI-USE Labs. He took the leading role in the team that designed, developed and released Query Manager 4, as well as playing a key role in the design and bringing-to-life of the Microsoft Excel Add-in for Query Manager.

About the presenter

Jhani Coetzee | Team Lead for NextGen SAP Development | EPI-USE Labs

Jhani joined EPI-USE Labs after completing her Masters in Computer Science with a focus on automated usability testing. She heads up the NextGen SAP development team and oversees UI/UX across multiple products at EPI-USE Labs. What drives her is finding simple solutions to complex problems.