The continued drive towards S/4HANA and the advent of RISE with SAP challenges all organizations – both large and small – to consider their SAP data footprint carefully. The increased cost of hardware, contractual agreements in RISE and the advent of far-reaching global privacy laws means the 'as-is' SAP landscape cannot be the future state.

Most organizations running SAP have many years of historical data, which they still require for compliance, but that use case cannot justify the higher hardware costs of in-memory database systems.

During and after the S/4 transition, there will be an increased need for accurate testing as the plethora of cloud solutions – all integrating back to the digital core – need integrated testing and validation, as they expand and help the business to accelerate and take advantage of AI and new disruptive technologies.

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How we solve your SAP data challenges

Accurate SAP test data

Unlock the potential of accurate SAP test data

SAP is a highly flexible, configurable system; changes must be made and tested in non-production systems. Many businesses that run SAP face a common challenge: how to get real SAP data into non-production systems for testing, training and support.

Taking a proactive approach can help you adapt quickly to rapidly changing business needs – from increasing data growth, to special projects and system updates. Accurate, reliable test data is essential, and can be simple to achieve with the right software.

With our Data Sync Manager™ (DSM) software suite and related services, you can rapidly create new non-production systems, reduce the footprint when refreshing existing test clients or creating new ones, and copy selected data on demand, all with integrated scrambling of data for security.

Extract or copy data

Selectively extract or copy data from SAP systems

When you are managing an SAP landscape, you need to create new systems without having to stop the operation. You don't want to struggle for disk space every time you create a system, nor do you want to wait days for copies or refreshes. 

Client Sync™, part of the Data Sync Manager™ suite, solves this challenge, and enables a much more agile landscape. With Client Sync, you can copy only the subsets of information you need from a working system. This has impressive advantages: it reduces the new client's footprint and saves valuable disk space – up to 90% – which means your costs are drastically reduced.

You can also refresh data frequently without interrupting the landscape, using our proprietary high performance, asynchronous parallel processing.

And with Object Sync™, you can copy specific data scenarios, with complete data integrity, from any system to another. You can select data at a business object or transactional flow level, from a single object up to a whole range, and copy it to a non-production system.

Streamline SAP estate

Streamline your SAP estate

Hardware costs can be exorbitant, so reducing the size of your SAP data footprint can cut costs dramatically.

As an intelligent data copying solution that provides up-to-date, realistic test data, our Data Sync Manager™ (DSM) software suite helps you to align testing environments with production systems. This makes it ideal to streamline the change management process. If the process is rapidly simulated in sandbox environments, the costs and risk of upgrades and other invasive changes can be mitigated. Testing can be carried out in lean development clients, reducing the number of transports moving through the systems.

With DSM, you can rationalise your landscape before you migrate to S/4HANA. And with Archive Central, you can sunset legacy systems while still getting secure access to your data.

Outsource refreshes

Automate or outsource your SAP landscape refresh 

Data refreshes can be extremely time-consuming for your Basis team, and are often not done as frequently as they should be.

With our Data Sync Manager™ (DSM) software suite you can reduce your SAP data footprint when refreshing existing test clients or creating new ones.

We also offer managed data refresh services, giving you more time to spend on other Basis tasks. Our service is flexible; you have the option to either purchase a package of a number of refreshes, or simply order client refreshes or builds on an ad hoc basis, spanning SAP HCM, ERP, BW, CRM, SRM, SCM and GTS modules.

Sunset legacy systems

Reduce SAP landscape size and sunset legacy systems

Whether you are adapting to business changes through mergers and divestitures, or embracing the latest technology like SAP S/4HANA® or Microsoft Dynamics 365, you need to consider what to do with your legacy data to make sure you comply with global data privacy legislation and regulations.

Archive Central™ is a secure platform that gives you read-only access to structured and unstructured data, without having to keep legacy systems running. It’s a role-based web solution to give business users access to historical data for queries, reporting and comparisons.

Optimize for cloud

Optimize your SAP system in the cloud

After the S/4HANA migration, your SAP system becomes the digital core at the center of a web of connected Cloud systems. The integration with those systems needs to be 100% correct at all times. But those systems have different change management processes, release schedules and architectures. The test landscape and data needs to be more agile than ever before to ensure these connected systems are properly tested and validated as changes occur.

With our Data Sync Manager™ (DSM) software suite and our cloud services, you can increase the agility of your S/4HANA core landscape, reduce your data footprint, optimize your system and reduce your IT spend with customized, tailored solutions.

Secure sensitive data

Secure sensitive data in SAP

Data security is critical in today's business environment, including securing sensitive PII (Personally Identifiable Information) in compliance with data privacy legislation such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Many businesses use sensitive data in their non-production SAP systems for development, testing, quality assurance, and pilot projects. Sensitive data can range from your CEO's salary to information on the prices of your products, discounts, or customer data. You need a solution to have up-to-date data for testing and training data, but without the risk of exposing the data.

Data Secure™, part of EPI-USE Labs' Data Sync Manager™ (DSM) suite, solves your data security challenges. It's a comprehensive protection solution which is integrated with Client Sync and Object Sync to mask and scramble sensitive data throughout your landscape before the data leaves the source systems.


Data Sync Manager Suite

Solve all your SAP test data & scrambling needs

EPI-USE Labs’ Data Sync ManagerTM (DSM) software suite is a complete landscape optimisation solution and is the simplest, most effective way to copy and mask data between and within any SAP ABAP stack landscape (such as ERP, CRM or BW). Data Sync Manager is certified by SAP for 'Integration with SAP S/4HANA®' and 'Integration with SAP S/4HANA Cloud®'. DSM5 also 'works with RISE with SAP'.


Archive Central

Sunset SAP applications and retain secure, role-based access to your data

Archive Central™ is a role-based, secure web solution to give business users access to historical data for queries, reporting and comparisons. Import your legacy data into a secure, searchable repository. Encrypt sensitive information such as PII for security and regulatory compliance. 

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Manage your SAP test data and upgrades

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Refresh your SAP data with flexible managed services

Along with world-class DSM software to help you refresh your SAP landscape, why not rely on our managed data refresh service, freeing up valuable time for your Basis team?

Our managed data refresh service is flexible; you have the option to either purchase a package with a specific number of refreshes, or simply order client refreshes or builds on an ad hoc basis, spanning SAP HCM, ERP, BW, CRM, SRM, SCM and GTS modules. This could be a partial outsource, for example if you have some Basis resources, or a complete managed service, where we do everything for you.

New SAP system or client

We support you in using DSM to build new systems or clients, for example for a new project track or a new training client.

Landscape sizing

We provide advice about your strategy to get the best value from your SAP and SAP S/4HANA landscape.

Orchestration and automation

We provide ad hoc support to optimize your SAP landscapes, including best practices and a landscape management strategy.

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