Effortless, Efficient Time Management


Tax Analyser  Advanced Time Process Manager™

Advanced Time Process Manager (ATPM) provides a single access point to monitor and control various aspects of the SAP® Time Management module. ATPM improves business processes through easy access, faster data entry and appropriate feedback on access control systems, attendances, leave, overtime, exception reporting and other time data. The product includes a Cross-Application Time Sheet (CATS) component, and is ideal for negative and positive time implementations.

Total overview on single screenTotal overview on single screen

Time functionality is scattered across the SAP system. ATPM not only extends this functionality but also incorporates it all into one user-friendly, configurable screen. Information is ‘instantly’ available on the time dashboard, leading to more efficient business processes and increased productivity.

Reduced time and costReduced time and cost

ATPM enables time administrators to spend less time on the system as data can be entered faster. By making use of bulk overtime approvals and the shift substitution manager, details such as absenteeism and overtime can be monitored and reduced with resultant cost savings.

High data integrityHigh data integrity

Accurate data leads to optimal business intelligence and empowers key decision makers. ATPM’s configurable reports highlight different issues that need resolving to enhance data integrity and business productivity. ATPM can guide you to fix data influencing systems performance, time data causing technical time retro-calculations, and breaches of integrity in access control systems.

Proactive resolutionProactive resolution

ATPM gives automatic feedback of relevant data. This reduces risk and allows trends to be picked up in time. For example, ATPM highlights retro-calculations and inconsistencies in time-data integrity, warning the appropriate time administrator. Other key decision-makers are also notified so they can act proactively.

Compliance with legislationCompliance with legislation

ATPM allows you to configure your system to ensure compliance with relevant legislation. You are alerted when activity outside the parameters takes place.

Supported SAP Releases: 4.7x110, 4.7x200, ECC5 (ERP2004) and ECC6 (ERP2005) up to and including the latest Enhancement pack.